Edge Brownie Pan

About a year ago I went into one of my favourite Food Blogs http://www.chocolatesuze.com/ and she was writing about the Bakers Edge Brownie Pan. I love to bake and the first thing I did was try and get myself this pan. I had no luck. I searched hi and low and no one was shipping to Australia. How hard is it to ship a baking pan? Gosh..

I went on a holiday to America in June and I searched all the stores and they didn't have the pan either. I didn't order it online because it would take too long for it to arrive and I would probably be back to Australia by then.

So I GAVE UP. It just wasn't meant to be.

While I was at dinner with the girls they surprised me with part of my birthday present. It was a cook book and the Bakers Edge Brownie Pan. It was by far the best present. I was so excited. I just wanted to go home and use it. I decided to make some Brownies. But with a twist. Ricotta Brownies. The pan is perfect for any fudgy brownie recipe. They bake evenly and each piece has an edge for the edge lovers.

For recipes go to http://www.bakersedge.com/index.html

A cupcake or two (July 21, 2009)  
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Anonymous –  (September 12, 2009)  

Do you know where they got it in the end?

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