Jollibee or In And Out

Jollibee is a famous fast food restaurant that every single Filipino kid loves. Everyone I knew wanted a Jollibee birthday party. The last time I went to Jollibee was 21 years ago. When I went to Las Vegas in June, my cousins told me that there was one opened in the local shopping centre. So we went and everything I ate gave me back those memories of going when I was a kid. I sure wish someone would open one up in Sydney.

Check out the sign it just draws you in..

Oh look at the smile.. (come in and eat here)

Some signature dishes that Jollibee have are the Chicken Joy and the Spaghetti. It was exactly the same taste and portions as I remembered it. The chicken was juicy and the gravy over the rice made me want to get up and sing.. The Spaghetti was sticky and sweet with just the right amount of sauce.

Chicken Joy (oh yes it was a joy to eat)

Filipino Style Spaghetti

A few days after my Jollibee experience we went for a long drive to LA. On the way we spotted In N Out. Apparently the lines are always out the door. The burgers are all freshly made. The burgers are amazing. Juicy thick burger patties, extra cheese and a special mayo. The burgers look small but it would have been hard to down more than one that's for sure. If you ever go to Las Vegas make sure you check out Jollibee and an In N Out. Its worth it...

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