Miracle Frooties

Woohoooo the Miracle Frooties have arrived. Stay tuned, I am planning a flavour tripping party... Let's see if this really does alter your taste buds.

chocolatesuze (July 25, 2009)  

heh it works! definitely try some lemons!

JillL –  (July 26, 2009)  

Strawberries, pomelo, kiwi, rhubarb are a must! enjoy!

Miracle Fruit (July 28, 2009)  

Even red wine from my grand father tasted sweet! =)

Betty (August 03, 2009)  

oooh i've just ordered some after Shirls told me about it (and we shared one!!)

i actually saw it on a friend's blog before & thought nothing of it
till SHirley told me about some 'berry pill that makes stuff taste trippy'
haha then i was all like 'omg what is it i want some of that!'


your blog is so cute i love that you blog about different things, whats your email ??

email me bettypham20@gmail.com

chat soon xx

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