Beans The Sweet Kind

Everyone needs an afternoon snack. I walked past a lolly store and the small bag of Jelly Belly's were calling my name. If only you could get a bag with all 48 flavours.. I tried the recipes on the back of the bag. My favourites were chocolate covered cherries, strawberry milkshake and tiramisu. What's your favourite Jelly Belly flavour???

Look at all those pretty little beans

Fiona (August 06, 2009)  

Anything but cinnamon *gags*

Though I quite like Coconut!

Katherine –  (August 07, 2009)  

Hi Fiona.. I dont like cinamon either. Its so grose.

Hayles –  (August 07, 2009)  

I love the jelly beans you buy at the chemist ... I'm old school when it comes to sweets and those beans are the BOMB.

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