Cupcake Courier and Cup-a-Cake Giveaway

When I was doing my preparation for the RSPCA Cupcake Day, I was thinking about how I was going to transport all the Cupcakes. I came across the Cupcake Courier.

The Cupcake Courier was invented by Jennifer Gunn. She is a mother of two who needed a product to transport all the lovely Cupcakes that she would make for functions and children's parties. It comes in 4 colours. Petal Pink, Blue Sky, Saffron Yellow and Lemongrass. My favourite colour is Blue Sky. Did I mention that Oprah and Rachael Ray own one. It's a must have..

Keren from The Cupcake Courier has kindly offered to giveaway a Cupcake Courier and 2 Cup -a-Cakes. Cup-a-Cakes are containers that hold individual Cupcakes. It comes in all sorts of colours. They are so cute and really handy.

To be in the running for Cupcake Courier or 2 Cup-a-Cakes all you need to do is leave a comment with your favourite Cupcake recipe and why. You can leave the link to your favourite recipe too. Please include your email address with your entry. You can enter once a day. The winners will be chosen based on the best Cupcake recipe.

The competition is opened for Australian residents only. This competition ends midnight on the the 3rd of September 2009 (AEST).
1st Prize - Cupcake Courier
2nd Prize - 2 x Cup-a-Cake containers
Winners will be notified by email on the 5th of September 2009.

If you would like to purchase your very own Cupcake Courier go to Make sure to check out the cute Cupcake Toppers and Jessie Steel Designer Aprons too.


Anonymous –  (August 20, 2009)  

well i LOVE my chai choc cupcakes!
recipe here:

i add extra cinnamon & nutmeg into the cake mix, i adore the smell of cinnamon cooking. i'm a huge fan of chai latte's & teas so these go really well, and they are a big hit with my friends :)

Kath i think ill hop over to the site & check out the cupcake transporters, they are a great idea i think need one!

xx Bets

Betty (August 20, 2009)  

well i LOVE my chai choc cupcakes!
recipe here:

i add extra cinnamon & nutmeg into the cake mix, i adore the smell of cinnamon cooking. i'm a huge fan of chai latte's & teas so these go really well, and they are a big hit with my friends :)

Kath i think ill hop over to the site & check out the cupcake transporters, they are a great idea i think need one!

xx Bets

s –  (August 20, 2009)  

I reckon those nutella cupcakes you made today were pretty scrumptious! so my recipe is your recipe.. :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (August 20, 2009)  

My cupcake courier and cupc cake competitions were among the most popular on my blog. I think they got about 500+ entries each-people love their cupcakes! I heart my pink one :)

Hayles –  (August 20, 2009)  

Oh goodness you can't go wrong with a chocolate cupcake right?

My mum makes the best chocolate cupcakes but I can never get them home without loosing half the frosting.

Great idea.
I'm going to get her to enter so I can use the courier to bring her treats home!

Anonymous –  (August 20, 2009)  

well i would have to say my fav is the raspberry swirl they are so yum with white choc icing yum yum yum

Anonymous –  (August 20, 2009)  

that was Dianne (Di)

Betty (August 21, 2009)  

oh another of my favs is the flourless chocolate cupcakes. even though there is no flour, they are still sooooo moist & decadent, sooo decadent that i make them as babycakes instead, and top with choc fudge icing *mmmmm*

leanne –  (August 21, 2009)  

One moment, I'll post mine soon. just wanted to say I love your new site!

Annie Richardson –  (August 21, 2009)  

Really enjoying your Blog Kath.

I'd like to say my favourite cupcake recipe is as below. I call them the Mrs Richo specials!

200g butter, softened
1 3/4 cups (370g) caster sugar
2 tsp vanilla bean paste
4 eggs
2 3/4 cups (405g) self-raising flour
1 cup (250ml) milk

Follow your standard cupcake cooking techniques and you have the best cupcake base I've ever worked with.


trissalicious (August 22, 2009)  

Hi Kath!
What a great prize! I would love to win... I am torn between telling all my friends or keeping it to myself. Hehe... seriously - I will tell everyone - don't worry. For my favorite recipe - it has got to be the pistachio cupcakes from Vue de Monde.

130g shelled unsalted pistachios rubbed in a tea towel to remove skins, plus 12 shelled pistachios to garnish.
100g unsalted butter, softened
85g caster sugar
75g good quality marzipan (min 50% nuts), chopped
2 eggs
1 tablespoon kirsch
2 drops vanilla extract
30g semolina
250g ready made icing
2-3 drops green food colouring

Preheat oven to 170c. Line a 12 hole, 1/3 cup capacity (80ml) muffin pan with patty cases.
Place 100g of the peeled pistachios on a food processor and blend for 1-2 minutes until they are very finely ground (almost a powder). Remove 1 tablespoon ground pistachios & set aside. Transfer the remainder to the bowl of an electric mixer with the butter, sugar, chopped marzipan & a pinch of salt. Beat well until the lumps are removed & you have a smooth paste. Add the eggs one at a time, beating continuously, ensuring the mix doesn’t stick to the side of the bowl & is thoroughly combined. Roughly chop the remaining 30g of pistachios and beat into the mixture. Beat in the kirsch, vanilla & semolina until combined. Divide evenly among patty cases & bake for 25 minutes or until form to the touch. Remove & cool slightly in the tray.Gently warm the icing in a saucepan over low heat, stirring continuously with a wooden spoon until melted & smooth. Stir in the food colouring. Working quickly, spoon icing onto cakes. Place a pistachio on top of the icing & dust with reserved ground pistachios.

trissalicious (August 22, 2009)  

Hi Kath
I'm so desperate for a cupcake carrier (hehe)... I had to carry the cupcakes using an old clothes box - it was pretty sad. Hehe... Here is my second best recipe (the one I actually used)

125g butter
1 tsp vanilla essence
3/4 cup caster sugar
2 eggs
1&1/2 cups Self Raising flour
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup sour cream
vanilla bean, scraped

Cream butter, essence and sugar in small bowl with electric mixer until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs one at a time, beat until combined. Stir in half the sifted flour and the milk, then stir in remaining flour and the sour cream. Pour mixture into 12 patty pans (in a 12- hole muffin tray.)

Bake for 15 minutes in a moderate oven 190-200, or if you want them 'peaked' slightly, increase to moderately hot (210-220)

Taylah –  (August 22, 2009)  

My favourite is the Dairy free strawberry cupcakes on Its light and really good.


Tina (August 22, 2009)  

Hi Kath
This is a lovely idea... hope I win!

Here's my recipe:
1. Into a 1 cup metric measuring cup place 2 eggs, fill to the top with thickened cream and place in a bowl.
2. Beat 1 minute using electric beaters, add 1 splash vanilla essence and 3/4 cup caster sugar and beat for 3 minutes.
3. Sift in 1 cup SR flour and fold into mixture, place in 12 patty pans.
4. Bake in moderate oven until light golden and cakes spring back when lightly touched in the centre (about 12-15 minutes). –  (August 22, 2009)  

Hey Kath

I have literally tried thousands of recipes and eaten millions of cupcakes in the pursuit of the PERFECT ONE. This is without a doubt the best of the best. Unfortunately I can't claim it as my own but that doesn't change the fact that it's damn good and I want to win that carrier!

Here's the link:

Kate –  (August 23, 2009)  

Now this sounds crazy, but this is a recipe i used when i found out i was lactose intolerant. Its for egg and dairy free cupcakes. SOOO YUM!


3 cups (450g) self-raising flour
2/3 cup (80g) dairy-free custard powder or 2/3 cup (70g) cocoa powder
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups (440g) caster sugar
2 cups (500ml) water
2/3 cup (160ml) canola oil
1 tablespoon vanilla essence
2 tablespoons lemon juice

Charlotte –  (August 23, 2009)  

These are my tropical summer cupcakes ... I've included Frosting because it makes them so special.

125g butter, softened
1 cup caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 eggs
grated zest of 1 navel orange
1½ cup flour
½ tsp baking powder
¼ tsp baking soda
½ cup milk
1 cup desiccated coconut
1/3 cup marmalade of your choice
2/3 cup grated fresh coconut

2 large egg whites
1 cup sugar
2 Tbsp water
2 Tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice
¼ tsp salt

PS - sometimes I swap the orange zest for lemon next for a change ...

Lou –  (August 23, 2009)  

i love these choc caramel cupcakes, i got the recipe from taste magazine years ago and make them for any family occasion. I sure we've celebrated my Aunties birthday twice this year just for these cupcakes ...

* 125g butter, chopped, at room temperature
* ¾ cup caster sugar
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
* 2 eggs
* 1 cup self-raising flour
* 1/3 cup cocoa powder
* ½ cup milk
* 1/3 cup choc chips
* 12 jersey caramels, halved, to decorate
* Caramel icing:
* ½ cup brown sugar
* 60g butter
* 2 tablespoons milk
* ½ cup icing sugar, sifted

So good! This makes 10 good sized cupcakes.

Lou –  (August 23, 2009)  

Oh sorry, I just thought I should include the method for the icing, sometimes i can be tricky ...

combine sugar, butter and milk in a small saucepan. Stir over low heat until sugar dissolves. Bring to boil. Remove from heat. Cool. Stir in icing sugar.

Anonymous –  (August 24, 2009)  

I saw this recipe on the Martha Stewart show and decided to make it basically because my hubby is half mexican and because we had the authentic mexican chocolate in our cupboard.

A delightful gooey surprise within a cupcake, one of my favs!

Cathrine Macri –  (August 24, 2009)  

I love cupcakes, but alas, i can not bake them.
having seen all these cupcake recipe's I am sure i can find some that I can bake :)

Annamaria Lincoln –  (August 24, 2009)  

These cupcakes give you the feeling, well it's not really all that bad, after all they are "carrots cupcakes"!!

This is a Nigella receipe, quick and easy, they seem to always be moist!

For the cupcakes:

100grms brown sugar
175grms sunflower oil
2 large eggs
225grms plain flour
3/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1 teaspoon cinnamon
pinch of salt
zest of 1/2 lemon
zest of 1/2 orange
150grms grated carrots, about 2 carrots
100grms chopped walnuts

For the icing:
125grms cream cheese
250grms icing sugar
1-2 teaspoons lime juice(lemon or orange if you don't want such a tang)
walnut halves to decorate

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees

Beat sugar & oil together, then add eggs 1 at the time. Add flour, bicarb, cinnamon, salt & zests, fold in carrot & walnuts.

Bake for 20 minutes.

Beat cream cheese until soft, add icing sugar & juice, top with walnut halves.

This receipe makes 12 cupcakes.


Samantha Macri –  (August 24, 2009)  

I LOVE cupcakes, they always seem to make everyone happier than a regular peice of cake. It's your own special treat that you don't have to share.

My favourite receipe is for marble cupcakes. They take a bit longer but have major WOW factor...everyone thinks I'm a master chef when I make them ;)

125g Butter
1/2 tsp vanilla
2/3 cup castor sugar
2 eggs
1 1/4 cups s.r flour
1/3 cup milk
pink colour
1 tbl cocoa
2 tsp milk, extra

1. Beat butter, vanilla, sugar & eggs with elec mixer until light & fluffy (I take a lot of time here, the extra beating makes for a lighter cake)
2. Stir in sifted flour & milk in 2 batches with metal spoon (gently does it, you don't want to lose all the air)
3. Divide mixture into 3 bowls, making 1 pink (I add a bit of rose water too, but go easy), 1 chocolate & 1 stays vanilla
4. Drop the 3 flavours 1 at a time into lined cupcake tins
5. Bake cakes in preheated 180o oven until golden brown (roughly 20mins)

This makes 12 cupcakes, I like to top them with pink butter icing but you can go crazy! For Easter I put mini eggs on the top - they looked pretty cool.

You've got to give the marble cupcakes a go, they look awesome!!

And I'd love to be able to transport them in a lovely new cupcake carrier too!! : )

Anonymous –  (August 24, 2009)  


My favourite cupcake is the sticky date pudding cupcake. I love the level of sweetness. Just perfect.


Danieka (August 24, 2009)  

I love these Rintoo Cupcakes:

They were perfect for my son's 4th birthday and didn't last long! :o)

Anita (August 25, 2009)  

Absolutely fantastic competition! I absolutely love this White Chocolate and Honeycomb mud cake recipe as a cake or as cupcakes (both which could be transported in the cupcake courier).
I also love the designer aprons too (they're on my wish list for my birthday and Christmas). –  (August 25, 2009)  

2 1/2 cups sifted cake flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
2 oz. red food coloring (two bottles) or 4 oz beet juice (if you use unprocessed light cocoa you can leave out the food dyes and you'll get a warm red/brown color)
1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 eggs, at room temperature
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup buttermilk, at room temperature
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1 teaspoon baking soda

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line two 12-cup muffin tins or silicone pans with cupcake liners.

2. Sift together the cake flour, baking powder, and salt into a medium bowl and set aside. In a smaller bowl, mix food coloring and cocoa powder to form a thin paste without lumps and set aside.

3. In a large bowl, using a hand mixer or stand mixer, beat butter and sugar together until light and fluffy, about three minutes. Beat in eggs, one at a time, then beat in vanilla and the red cocoa paste, scraping down the bowl with a spatula as you go. Add one third of the flour mixture to the butter mixture, beat well, then beat in half of the buttermilk. Beat in another third of flour mixture, then second half of buttermilk. End with the last third of the flour mixture, beat until well combined, making sure to scrape down the bowl with a spatula.

4. In a small bowl, mix vinegar and baking soda. Be careful as it will fizz so don't do it in a shallow bowl. Add vinegar mixture to the cake batter and stir well to combine. Fill cupcake cups with cake batter until they are a little under 3/4 full. I ended up with 20 cupcakes. Place muffin tins in your preheated oven. Bake for approximately 20, rotating pans halfway through. The cupcakes are done when you are able to pat the tops and the cake springs back up. If it sinks down they are not yet complete. Or you can insert a toothpick into the center of a cupcake in the center of the tin and if it comes out clean they are done!

5. Cool the cupcakes in their tins on a wire rack for 10 minutes then remove and allow to cool completely before frosting.

Trissa (August 25, 2009)  

Hi Kath

As promised, I have uploaded a link on my blog for my favorite cupcake recipe. Enjoy!

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (August 26, 2009)  

Hello! Glad to have found your blog!

A cupcake recipe that recently found its way into my repertoir is the Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Baileys Frosting (also known by the very un-PC name of Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes). They're chocolate Guinness cupcakes, with an Irish whiskey ganache in the centre, topped with a Baileys frosting. Given all the steps, the recipe is quite long(!!) so I might just pop a link to my post about it if that's ok? :D

Precious –  (August 26, 2009)  

The best of both worlds!

Half cupcake and half chocolate fondant
For all you chocolate lovers it’s abundant
Dessert, afternoon tea or a snack
You will find yourself coming back
For a luscious and decadent experience
There is no other preference

Hot chocolate fondant cupcakes

These cupcakes are very simple but must be served immediately. You can prepare the cupcake trays and batter in advance.

For the cupcakes:
215g plain dark chocolate, broken into pieces
225g unsalted butter, softened
4 eggs
4 egg yolks
115g caster sugar
2 tbsp plain flour

For the topping:
200ml soured cream
Cocoa powder or icing sugar for dusting

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees. Butter cupcake tray (8 medium size). Dust each with flour and tap out the excess. Melt the chocolate and butter in a medium bowl over a pan of simmering water. Stir until smooth. Set aside to cool. In a large bowl beat the eggs, egg yolks and sugar until pale and creamy. Gradually add the melted chocolate, stirring until combined. Stir in the flour. Pour the batter into the cupcake tray and back for 15 minutes, or until the tops are set.

Turn out onto serving plates. Top each with a dollop of soured cream, and dust with cocoa powder or icing sugar. Serve swiftly.

Makes 8

- Taken from 500 Cupcakes by Fergal Connolly

Precious –  (August 26, 2009)  

P.S. Precious =
I wouldn't want to miss out because I forgot my e-mail address :)

Anonymous –  (August 26, 2009)  

Precious your cupcakes sound delicious! If this was a voting comp I would vote for you!

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (August 28, 2009)  

In my cupcake courier desperation, I'm entering again :D This time with my tried and true carrot cupcake recipe that has been requested many times from friends and comes from the Crabapple cookbook. It is super moist and filled with healthy tasty things that trick everyone into thinking they're not being naughty by having three or four!
I have a link here for it:
and the recipe is as follows:

Carrot Cake Cupcakes
adapted from The Crabapple Bakery Cupcake Cookbook

Makes 24; Keeps 2 days; Freezes 2 months

Cupcake Ingredients:
2 cups self raising flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
0.5 Tb ground cinnamon
1 cup vegetable oil
1 1/3 cup soft brown sugar
3 large eggs
2.5 cups firmly packed peeled grated carrot
1 cup chopped walnuts
0.5 cup sultanas
zest of an orange
zest of a lemon

Cupcake Method:
1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Line 2 12-hole muffin trays with cupcake papers. Use those colourful ones.
2. Sift together the self-raising flour, bicarb of soda and cinnamon.
3. In a separate bowl, beat the vegetable oil, brown sugar and eggs using an electric mixer on medium speed. Beat for about 5 minutes until thick and creamy.
4. Add the grated carrot, chopped walnuts, sultanas and zests. Beat on low speed until combined.
5. Add the flour mixture and beat until thoroughly combined; do not overbeat as this will toughen the mixture.
6. Spoon mixture into cupcake papers, filling until about 3/4 full. Bake for 20 minutes or until a skewer inserted comes out clean. Remove the cupcakes immediately from the trays and cool on a cake rack for at least 30 minutes before icing them

Cream Cheese Frosting Ingredients:
80g softened unsalted butter
250g softened cream cheese
1 tsp vanilla extract (use half this again if you have vanilla essence)
3 3/4 cups icing sugar

Frosting Method:
1. Cream the butter for 1-2 minutes.
2. Add the cream cheese, vanilla and half the sifted icing sugar and beat for 3 minutes or until the mixture is light and fluffy.
3. Gradually add remaining sifted icing sugar and beat until the mixture is light and fluffy and of a spreadable consistency.
4. You can use it immediately, or keep it for 4 days.

Decoration Ingredients:
0.5 cup walnuts
1.5 Tb soft brown sugar
1.5 tsp ground cinnamon

Decoration Method:
1. Roast the walnuts in the oven until lightly browned, then get the skins off them and crush them using a mortar and pestle.
2. Mix the walnut crumbs/chunks with the sifted sugar and cinnamon.
3. Ice the cupcakes quite generously and then dunk the tops of the cupcakes into the walnut mixture.

Betty (August 28, 2009)  

lorraines jamdonut cupcakes (im making them tonight!)

ning –  (August 28, 2009)  

well i love the cupcakes you made the other night with cream cheese i think... it was so yuMM! its your recipe

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (August 29, 2009)  

What can you do with a homesick Queenslander (besides serving them too much Bundy and placing stuffed cane toads around the house)??? Why, simply whip out the good old CSR sugar, some bananas and macadamia nuts and make them some banana macadamia cupcakes! They'll soon feel like they're back home :D

I made these for the RSPCA day, decorating them like little owls (the Lesser Sooty Owl, of course, which is endemic to tropical Queensland!) with Oreos and lollies. Post is here if you're interested: but more importantly, the cupcake recipe is here....

Banana and Macadamia Cupcakes
Recipe from the Crabapple Bakery Cupcake Cookbook

The recipe says it makes 24, but I ended up with more like 36

3 1/3 cups plain flour
2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/8 tsp allspice
250 g softened unsalted butter
3 cups caster sugar
4 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup buttermilk
2 cups mashed overripe bananas
3/4 cup macadamias, chopped

1. Preheat oven to 170 degrees C. Line cupcake trays with cupcake papers.
2. Sift together the flour, bicarb of soda, salt, cinnamon and allspice.
3. In a separate bowl, cream the butter for 1-2 minutes. Add the caster sugar a third at a time, beating for 2 minutes after each addition. After the last addition, beat until the mixture is light and fluffy and the sugar has almost dissolved.
4. Add eggs one at a time, beating for 1 minute after each addition or until mixture is light and fluffy. Add the vanilla extract and beat until combined.
5. Add a third of the flour mixture to the creamed mixture and beat on low speed until combined. Add half of the buttermilk and half of the mashed banana and beat until combined. Repeat this process. Add the remaining third of the flour mixture and beat until thoroughly combined; do not overbeat as this will toughen the mixture.
6. Add the chopped macadamias and beat until evenly combined.
7. Spoon mixture into cupcake papers, filling each about 3/4 full. Bake for 20 minutes or until a fine skewer inserted comes out clean. Remove the cupcakes from the trays immediately and cool on a wire rack for 30 minutes before frosting.

Chocolate Fudge Frosting
Recipe from the Crabapple Bakery Cupcake Cookbook

Makes 4 cups frosting

8 cups icing sugar
1 cup cocoa
200 g softened butter (I used unsalted)
3/4 cup milk
1 Tb vanilla extract

1. Sift the icing sugar and cocoa into a bowl.
2. In a separate bowl, cream the butter for 1-2 minutes. Add the milk, vanilla extract and half of the icing sugar mixture, and beat for at least 3 minutes or until the mixture is light and fluffy.
3. Add the remaining icing sugar and beat for a further 3 minutes or until the mixture is light and fluffy and of a spreadable consistency. Add extra milk if the mixture is too dry or extra icing sugar if the mixture is too wet.
4. You can use this frosting immediately, or keep it for up to one week

Aileen (August 29, 2009)  

hi Kathy, it's Aileen here.

Here's my fave cupcake recipe I use to make vanilla cupcake. Very simple, the kids and I have so much fun making them together and most importantly, everyone loves the taste! They're mini cupcake size but I use them on regular size muffin pans.

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup whole milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
3/4 stick (6 tablespoons) unsalted butter, softened
1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon sugar
1 large egg
1 3/4 cups vanilla buttercream
Various food colorings* (optional)

Special equipment: 2 mini-muffin pans, each with 24 (1 3/4-inch) muffin cups; 24 foil or paper mini-muffin liners
Put oven rack in middle position and preheat oven to 350°F. Line muffin cups with liners.

Whisk together flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl. Stir together milk and vanilla in a small bowl.

Beat together butter and sugar in a large bowl with an electric mixer at medium-high speed until pale and fluffy, about 4 minutes. Add egg and beat until just combined. Reduce speed to low, then add flour and milk mixtures alternately in batches, beginning and ending with flour and mixing until just combined.

Divide batter among muffin cups, filling them two-thirds full, and bake until tops are pale golden and a wooden pick or skewer inserted in centers comes out clean, about 15 minutes. Invert cupcakes onto a rack and cool completely.

Lorraine (August 30, 2009)  


Here is a recipe I found on a very popular NZ recipe forum. I frequented the forum a lot when I was flatting! (I still use it even though I am in Sydney right now).

Here is a recipe for toffee apple cupcakes

For the cake mixture
100g butter, softened (plus extra for buttering), flour for dusting, 3/4 cup (75g) caster sugar, 2 tablespoons golden syrup, finely grated zest of 1 lemon, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup (125ml) buttermilk , 11/4 cups (185g) self-raising flour, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, 2 cooking apples, peeled, cored and coarsely chopped (I used Golden Delicious because they hold their shape when cooked). For the caramel toffee coating, 500g caster sugar, 60g butter 2 teaspoons white wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon golden syrup, 150ml cold water.

For the cake mixture
Preheat the oven to 170°C. Butter and dust lightly with flour 8 small (180ml capacity) ceramic teacups. Place butter, sugar, golden syrup and zest in a mixing bowl and beat until pale and creamy. Beat in the eggs one at a time, then the buttermilk. Stir in the sifted flour and baking soda, then the chopped apples. Spoon the mixture into the prepared cups. Place the cups on a baking tray and transfer to the oven. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. Remove from the oven and cool for 10 minutes before turning out on to a wire rack to cool completely (you will need to run a knife around the edge of the cups to release the cakes cleanly).

Make the hot toffee mixture (recipe follows) then swirl the pan until the bubbles subside. Tilt the pan and dip the cup cakes into the caramel, one at a time, to coat no more than halfway up the sides. Take care not to touch the burning hot toffee. Shake off any excess toffee and return the cakes to the wire rack until the toffee is hardened and the cakes are ready to serve. Makes 8.

For the caramel toffee coating
Heat the ingredients gently in a large saucepan, swirling it until the sugar dissolves, then bring to the boil without stirring. Boil steadily until the mixture caramelises, from time to time brushing the sides of the pan with cold water to prevent any sugar crystals forming. When the mixture reaches 150°C on a sugar thermometer (just below crack stage or when the mixture produces large bubbles and turns a light golden caramel colour), remove the pan from the heat (remembering that the caramel will continue to darken with the residual heat of the pan). Dip the cup cakes straight away.

It is a bit fiddly but well worth it! They went down a treat at the last flat warming I had.

Happy baking everyone!


Lia Padanganan –  (August 30, 2009)  

my favourite cupcake recipe is:

and my email address is:

lia (September 01, 2009)  

Black Forest Cup Cake

1/2 cup unsalted butter
1 cup Castor sugar(this finer than our granulated)
1 cup self-raising flour( this has a raising agent already in it)
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder-I use Green and Blacks 70% cocoa organic
2 eggs
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence or 1 fresh vanilla pod

Put the butter into a bowl with the sugar and cream together with a wooden spoon or a mixer on a middle speed.
Add 1 egg and mix in
Add the second egg and mix in
Add the flour and cocoa. Weigh these out first and then add to the mixture by sieving them through a large metal sieve so air gets in and the ingredients are mixed.
Mix together gently and add the vanilla essence. The photo below shows the type of mixture I get.
Divide the mixture into cupcake cases and fill about 2/3 full. This makes about 12 in muffin size cases as seen below.
I cook these at 175C for 15 to 20 minutes in the middle to top of the oven.

Anonymous –  (September 01, 2009)  

Hi Kathy this one is for you it Dianne

i tried i liked here is the link:

Anonymous –  (September 01, 2009)  

The other cupcakes that you can never say no to is the classic cup cake here is the link

Oh its Di again lol

Samantha Macri –  (September 01, 2009)  

Just me again,

Does anyone know how to make the cupcakes like you get at bakery's. You know the ones, they're really sweet and they've got awesome hard icing. I LOVE those and I can't make them.

Also...does it count if someone makes "Great Cupcakes" from a packet mix??

I don't think it counts (i've been out-cup-caked by a packet mix!)

Trissa (September 02, 2009)  

Hi Kath
Wanted to get in one last entry before this competition closes - I still standby my favorite recipe: Warm Pistachio Cupcakes from Vue de Monde. YUM!

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (September 05, 2009)  

Hi Kath! Just leaving you my email address :) It's

Enjoy your weekend!!

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