Food Bloggers Meet-Up at Pony

I have always been a food blogger fan. Every time I search for cool places to eat I go into their sites to get ideas on where to go. I also love their food shots. My friends have always encouraged me to start my very own food blog. But to tell you the truth I just didn't know where to start. Then there was my birthday. My friends decided to set it all up for me. Helena, Anna, Christine and Eileen put their heads together and came up with the design of my current blog. All I did was think of a cool name for it. A Cupcake Or Two was born. I finally had a way to share my passion for food.

I started putting up post and really enjoyed it. It was a fun way of getting out there and checking out what Sydney has to offer. Then I thought to myself, how cool would it be to meet fellow food bloggers? So I got in touch with Betty from Betty's Bites and she helped me organise a Food Blogger Meet Up. In the group there was Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella, Trisha from Sugarlaced, Trissa from Trissalicious, and ofcourse Betty & Richard from Betty's Bites.

We all met at Pony to have their Sunset Feast. 2 courses for $35.00 or 3 courses for $45.00 with wine. I must admit I was a little starstruck at first but we laughed and had really good time. I felt comfortable after the first 5 minutes.

The food came out and so did the cameras. Digital SLR's with the works. It was so cool to watch them all takes shots of food and their surroundings. I showed Trisha my little Canon Powershot G10 and she showed me a few tricks. Hopefully I get better at taking shots. I may even get myself a Digital SLR in the future.

For the entree I had the tasting plate of wood fire grilled vegetables, chorizo and skordalia. The vegetables were well grilled and the chorizo had a really nice flavour.

Tasting plate of wood grilled vegetables, chorizo and skordalia

Lettuce wraps with barbecue chicken skewers, Cajun salsa and creme fraiche

Spaghetti, asparagus, hand pounded pesto, pecorino

The mains came out shortly after. I ordered the Tasmanian salmon, salad of pickled beetroot, orange, mint and fetta. My fish was a little overcooked but the beetroot was delicious.

Tasmanian salmon, salad of pickled beetroot,orange, mint and fetta

Minute steak of Angus eye fillet, shoestring fries, red wine sauce

Salad of twice cooked duck, spinach, pear and hazelnuts

When I go out to dinner I always tend to share my food, hoping my friends would want to share theirs with me. I always get food envy. I was so glad when everyone started sharing. I didn't try anyones entree but I did have a little of their mains and desserts. My 2 favourites from the menu were the salad of twice cooked duck, spinach, pear, hazelnuts and the macadamia tart, salted caramel and vanilla mascarpone.

Individual pavlova, double cream, pistachio crunch and strawberry

Macadamia tart, salted caramel. vanilla mascarpone

Overall it was a fantastic night out with some of the nicest people I've ever met. I cant wait till the next meet up. Thanks for a great night out everyone. Lets do it again soon. Betty thanks for the Dulce De Leche brownies. It was so delicious.

Betty (August 29, 2009)  

i see you didn't use flash for some of the photo's :):)

the lighting was horrible...makes me want to convert completely to daytime eating!! hehe

i couldnt stop eating the deserts they were so yummy..

you're so cute with your *starstruck-ness* hehehe

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (August 29, 2009)  

Oh how cool! What a great idea! I'd probably be starstruck too, and nervous about what to order... "I won't have anything except the finest truffles and foie gras" haha

Trissa (August 29, 2009)  

I also had a really great time that night. Once again, thank you for organizing it and for the little gifts you gave after. You are spoiling us too much!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (August 30, 2009)  

Thanks for organising it Kath! It was lots of fun and well done with the shots as I really struggled with the crazy dim lighting. And thankyou too for the lollies, how sweet!

Leona @ Pigged-Out (August 30, 2009)  

Wow thats a really good deal! definitely have to put this place on the list for a cheap city eat awesome photos too ^_^

FoodieChat (September 08, 2009)  

That's so cool - let me know when the next food bloggers' meet up is! :) I just got back from a trip to Malaysia/Singapore and am in a bit of a detox at the moment though hehehe.


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