Ramen Condor

After a long hard day in the office, the girls and I decided that we would go and grab a quick dinner before going home. I looked through fellow food blogger sites and found a review that Lorraine from http://www.notquitenigella.com/ did on Ramen Condor. It was a 5 minute walk from work so we decided to go and check it out. It's right next door to Goshu Ramen on York street.

The lovely Nasreen showing us the menu

We started off with some Karaage and Gyoza. We were then told that they had run out of Gyoza so we ordered the spring rolls instead. The Karaage was nice and crispy. It wasn't as oily which is a plus. The Spring Rolls were a bit sweet for me.

Spring Rolls $6.50

Karaage Chicken $8.00

The Ramen came out a little after the Karaage and Spring Rolls. I ordered the Chasu Men with egg and corn. You can't have Ramen without the egg. Its the best part. I really likes the miso base. It wasn't too strong. Monique and Michelle ordered the Vegetarian Ramen. It was such a big serving full of silken tofu and Asian greens in a miso base.

Chasu Men $11.00

Vegetarian Ramen $11.00

Chris and Shirley ordered the Tan Tan Men. It was a spicy broth full of mince, corn and shallots. I'm not a fan of spicy food but it looked delicious.

Tan Tan Men $11.50

Ramen Condor is a great little place to have a late dinner and a chat with friends. The food is reasonably priced and the serving size is big. If you dont feel like Ramen there are other menu items such as the Katsu Curry and Terriyaki Bento boxes.

The address for Ramen Condor is 5 York St Sydney NSW 2000 and to contact them (02) 9299 8686.

betty (August 11, 2009)  

oh the vego ramen looks delish!
jap is my 2nd fav food to eat hehe

& the restaurant in castle hill u reviewed before this, looks posh & nice hehehe

have added it to my list of 'to-eat!'
the deserts in particular look pretty yummy

send me an email girly! bettypham20@gmail.com :)

Anabel Nieuwen –  (August 11, 2009)  

Damn looks so good. I really miss Sydney food. :(

Trisha (August 12, 2009)  

Oohh chicken karaage! And I agree... ramen with egg (with soy sauce in the yolk) is the best! Mmm.....

Jackie at PhamFatale.com (August 13, 2009)  

Love every dish pictured in this post. I live in the other part of the world though. Thanks for sharing your experience, I love reading restaurant review. We're cyber-tasting food :)

Tiggi –  (August 14, 2009)  

Hehe, cyber-tasting... I wish someone could invent that already. That bowl of ramen looks yarm-my! Thanks for the blog Kat! Keeps me up-to-date with all the new foods in Sydney and I'm definitely going to try them when I visit. So excited!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (August 15, 2009)  

Nice review! :) It's a great find for a late night meal at that end of the city isn't it! :D

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