The Rocks Markets

I love Fridays. I work pretty much next door to The Rocks Markets. I went to get lunch with some of the girls and found the Pony stall. I ordered the grilled salmon with couscous and spinach. The salmon was perfectly cooked and the couscous was delicious with small bits of feta mixed through. It looked like such a small portion but looks are deceiving.

I love the markets. You are always guaranteed to get the best quality produce. My favourite stall is Chocolate Bliss. They sell all sorts of sweet treats such as rocky road, gluten free chocolate frogs and freckles.

Make sure to check out The Rocks Markets. You can find more information at

Hayles –  (August 07, 2009)  

Wow - that looks amazing! Are the markets on every week? I'm going to make sure I come to the rocks the next time they are on. Looks delicious. Thanks for the tip Kath!

Trisha (August 07, 2009)  

I always miss the rocks markets because of work... now that I'm a bit more of a "freelancer" I can definitely give these markets a visit one Friday!

trissalicious (August 10, 2009)  

I didn't even realize that the Rocks was open on Fridays... thanks for letting us know!

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (August 26, 2009)  

Hooray for chocolate freckles! I recently discovered Haigh's for the first time (being from Perth, we're lacking in Haigh's goodness) and their "speckles" are pretty good! I bought a package back for my goddaughter, and was glad she was a good girl and shared :)

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