Bye Bye Clive

I've always wanted a DSLR. Before I went overseas in May I decided to buy a Canon Powershot G10. This is the model before the DSLR's. Ok so I know its weird but I actually named my camera Clive. He was my only friend while I was travelling alone.

Although the Powershot is a good camera, I wanted a DSLR so I could learn more about photography. I decided that it was time for an upgrade. I recently purchased the Canon EOS 500d. I am both excited and sad. I know that Clive is going to a good home (thanks Leeia for buying him) but I am still sad since there was so much sentimental value there.

I'm still waiting for my new toy to arrive. So watch this space. I will be taking a lot more food porn shots that's for sure.

Photos are courtesy of the canon website. For more information regarding Canon's range of cameras you can find information in

BYE BYE CLIVE.. This post is for you :0)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (September 21, 2009)  

Oh cool! You'll never look back!

Anonymous –  (September 21, 2009)  

omg!! you got it!!!! soooo exciting!!! you're going to love it hehehehe yayayayayayay


Trissa (September 22, 2009)  

Bye Clive BUT am looking forward to meeting your new friend!

Anonymous –  (September 22, 2009)  

I have one too! It's great, but I don't know how to use it yet!

Claire (From Legion!)

Leona (September 22, 2009)  

WHoo hoo!!
and its a canon!!!
<3 <3 <3 CANON!

Katherine A Cupcake Or Two –  (September 22, 2009)  

Lorraine - I am looking forward to getting it. It will certainly teach me a lot more about photography

Anonymous - Make sure to leave your name next time :) I am very excited.

Trissa - Clive will be missed..

Claire - How are you? Lets learn how to use it together.

Leona - Go team Canon. You take awesome pictures. Hopefully I can get some tips of you.

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge (September 22, 2009)  

lol, I name most of my stuff too. Its funny how close you get to certain things and its good to be able to address them.

I have a DSLR too, but I'm absolutely hopeless. I need to learn how to use it properly.

I'm looking forward to seeing all your food pron.

Trisha (September 22, 2009)  

Looking forward to loads more food porn shots, Kath!!! Just in time for our Sunday lunch! :) We'll all be whipping out our SLRs now!

Katherine A Cupcake Or Two –  (September 22, 2009)  

Maria - I'm glad I'm not the only one that names my things. eheheh

Trisha - I'm hoping I do get it by Sunday. I'm uber excited.

Iron Chef Shellie (September 23, 2009)  

Fair well Clive!

Are you naming your new camera?
I think I should name my camera after reading this.. I mean I named my GPS :P

Anita (September 23, 2009)  

ooooo - I want one!!! I'm still waiting to buy a new camera - DSLR ...

Katherine A Cupcake Or Two –  (September 23, 2009)  

Shellie - I am definately naming my new camera. I'm thinking maybe Stan..

Anita - Get one get one..

Ellie (September 24, 2009)  

How exciting!! I bought my first DSLR few month ago and it's the best choice I have made!

Ravenous Couple (September 24, 2009)  

getting a dslr is such an exciting'll change how you take photos forever!

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