Forensic Dinner At Trissa and Dan's

Trissa from Trissalicious and her husband Dan were kind enough to have us over to their house for a dinner party. A dinner party with a twist… Has anyone heard of a Forensic Dinner Party? We all had to bring a dish and the aim of the game was to guess the ingredients in each dish.

The thought of guessing ingredients in a dish was a bit daunting for me. Will my taste buds fail me?

We started of with Ellie’s entrée (Almost Bourdain) . She made a French Anchoïade. I have never had a dip quite like it. It was delicious on top of some French bread. In total I got 6 of the 7 ingredients right.

The next dish was one that my mum made. Thanks Mama Eugenio. She made a Pancit Canton which was really good. I sat back and watched everyone look at the Pancit and most of them did quite well.

Betty and Lorraine with their Forensic Dinner faces on

Trissa’s dish was up next. I knew what it was as I got there early with my cousin Lia and saw the Pasta Machine on her bench top.. Her dish was ravioli with eggplant, walnuts, tallegio and a burnt butter sauce. In total I got 8 ingredients right. I can’t believe I left out the obvious which was balsamic. I was too busy enjoying the pasta.

When I saw Trisha (Sugarlace) preparing her dish I just knew what it was. It was a Filipino dish that I used to put in my sandwiches in high school. It is called Embutido. I got 8 out of the 12 ingredients right. Oh the shame.

Lorraine’s (Not Quite Nigella) dish came out and I thought wow.. I will not get any of these right. The only thing that caught my eye was the carrots. It’s called Blanquette de Veau. In total I got 2 out of the 8 ingredients.

It was now time for dessert. Betty’s (Betty's Bites) was up next. She was preparing the dessert when she mentioned that there were only 5 ingredients in this. The dessert was creamy with a toasty sort of flavour. I got 3 out of the 5 ingredients. I was happy with myself since I have never had it. She made an Indian dessert called Semiya Kheer.

The overall winner was Ellie. Congratulations Ellie. I hope you enjoy your prize.

Dissecting dishes is hard work. Trissa decided to serve the rest of the dishes. There wasTrissa's Berries with Cream Cheese, Leche Flan from my previous post, Matcha Tiramisu from Ellie and Fruit Salad from Trisha . There was also Bircher Muesli from Betty but unfortunately I forgot to take a photo.

It was such a great night. Trissa and Dan thanks again for having us. I can’t wait till the next Meet Up. I also wanted to say thanks for the Yummy Adrian Zumbo treats that we all got to take home.

Trissa (September 30, 2009)  

OMG Kath! I love this write up. I had a great time - thank you for coming and bringing the pancit, leche flan (still dreaming about it!) and the wine. Tell your Mom we absolutely loved the pancit. Can't wait for our macaron masterclass!! I love the way Adriano's macaron came out! XXOO

Helena –  (September 30, 2009)  

PANCIT???????????!!!! Lucky there was no CP, or otherwise I'd have thought you were cheating on us Kat?! Hehe.
Sorry I've been MIA but I'm back in action now esp now, after seeing your delectable pics! I miss the REAL foods in Sydney!

Helena –  (September 30, 2009)  

PS: I'm digging Trisha's hat!

Belle@OohLook (September 30, 2009)  

What a cool dinner! You did pretty well to guess the ingredients in so many of the dishes.

Anonymous –  (September 30, 2009)  

excellent write up Katherine :)
& wow to the zumbo pornage!!

xx Bets

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (September 30, 2009)  

What a great, fun night it was! What a fun bunch of gals you guys are. Can't wait for the next one :)

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (September 30, 2009)  

After first reading about this on Lorraine's blog, I'm so taken with the idea! It's brilliant, and looks like you all pulled it off with aplomb.

I have a friend who we call the "mass spec" because she's like a mass spectrometer with her ability to determine the elements of a dish, so I think she'd be quite good at this!

Ellie (September 30, 2009)  

Great post!! I am reliving every moment of it. Can't wait for the next one!!

Cookie (October 01, 2009)  

What a fun game! I'll have to try that at our next potluck!

Trisha (October 03, 2009)  

Hahaha man I think I'm the last one to post mine up (which isn't up yet hehehe...) but maaaan everything looks so good and I'm proud to say they tasted even better!!!

Trisha (October 10, 2009)  

Hey Kath am borrowing the photo of Ellie with the prize, is that ok? Thanks!

Trisha (October 10, 2009)  

Oh yeah and the fruit salad too hehehe I missed out on alot of photos!

Anonymous –  (January 01, 2010)  

wheres the cupcake

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