Iku Wholefood

I'm a big fan of Vegetarian food, especially when its well cooked. When I was in America I went to Wholefoods. It's such a great store full of natural and organic products. You walk out feeling good about what you bought. I had one of those days where I just wanted something wholesome and healthy for dinner. On the way to the station Monique and I stopped at Iku Wholefood. This place is fantastic. They serve such great food. From curries, salads to wraps and yummy desserts.

I bought some Brown Rice Salad and a Carrot, Bean and Sesame salad with a dash of Tahini dressing. It was so delicious. The Brown Rice was nutty and the Bean salad was full of sesame seeds and pieces of seaweed which gave it a really nice flavour.

If you want to try good quality Vegan, Vegetarian or Gluten Free cuisine you should check Iku out. For more information on their menu and location you can go to http://www.iku.com.au/

Betty (September 03, 2009)  

i've walked into the glebe stall. nothing tickled my fancy actually! i have a thing abt buying cold foods.. hehe

Howard (September 04, 2009)  

When I think of Wholefoods I think of Top Chef, they bought everything there. There is an Iku in Wynyard and it's not too bad, sadly I need meat to fill me up =/

louiseoboyle (September 05, 2009)  

Yum, I heart places that do gluten free. Think I'll be going there next week, thanks for the tip!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (September 07, 2009)  

It's been so many years since I visited an Iku-I think time for another visit!

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