Leche Flan

For an upcoming dinner party I wanted to make a Filipino dessert that would impress. Although I am Filipino I don’t normally cook the dishes. I watch my mum in the kitchen and I just can’t keep up with her when she is cooking. She never measures anything. It’s almost like she is in the zone while she is in the kitchen and you can’t break the trance that she is under.

I decided to ask my Aunt to help me figure out what to make for the dinner. She is always making desserts for parties and she has a few specialties. She suggested Leche Flan. Leche Flan is a rich and creamy dessert that is very similar to creme brulee. This was the first time that I made the dessert and to my surprise it came out of the pan and tasted really good.

Leche Flan


600ml thickened cream
395 grams condensed milk
12 egg yolks
zest from 2 limes
4 - 5 tablespoons white sugar

1. Preheat the oven to 180C

2. In a pan melt the sugar until medium brown. Carefully put the melted sugar into a round baking tin.

3. Mix the egg yolks, condensed milk, and cream on a medium speed with an electric mixer.

4. Strain the mixture into another bowl and add the lime zest.

5. Pour mixture on top of the caramel and cover with foil.

6. Put the Leche Flan in a baking tray and pour water until it is halfway up the tin.

7. Bake for 30 to 45 minutes or until set but a little wobbly.

8. Put the Leche Flan in the fridge for at least an hour.

To serve run a knife around the tin and turn out into a plate. (You can substitute half the cream with some milk if you don’t want it to be too rich.)This recipe should make 2 small tins or 1 large tin of Leche Flan.

Anabel Nieuwen –  (September 28, 2009)  


Trisha (September 28, 2009)  

Ahhh the quintessential, most famous Filipino king of desserts: leche flan! A party will never be a party without this! And yours was amazing too Kath - it's so rich and creamy and not sickeningly sweet!

Trissa (September 28, 2009)  

I really enjoyed this dessert Kath. Although, I swear - if I get a heart attack - I will single out your dessert! YUM YUM! :)

CrystalsCozyKitchen (September 29, 2009)  

Flan is such a delicious dessert. I love the idea of the lime zest!

Anonymous –  (September 29, 2009)  

i took some of this home, my mom & sister loved it too :)

xx Bets

Anita (September 29, 2009)  

It looks gorgeous! The top looks perfect and reflective and tempting.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (September 29, 2009)  

Thanks for the recipe, it was absolutely delicious and I loved the lime zest in it :)

Helena –  (September 30, 2009)  

This looks absolutely HOT! Thanks for posting the recipe but I'll just have to take your word for it. You know how I am with my (failed) cooking! Oh Kat, can we make this when we come back in Dec?

Ellie (September 30, 2009)  

This leche flan is wickedly rich and delish!! Thanks doe sharing the recipe.

Anonymous –  (December 19, 2009)  
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