Quirky Kitchenware

Have you ever had problems feeding kids? I don’t have any but I do have a nephew that doesn't always like to eat what he is given. I was doing some research at work for some kitchen products and I found Food Face. It’s just a plate with a face and you can make all different faces using food. It’s so simple but yet so smart.

They also have Mix Stix for banging on pots and pans a French Toast stamp to make your toast extra fancy and Spongioli which are sponges shaped as ravioli.

I can spend hours looking at all their products.
If you want to check out all their quirky products go to http://www.worldwidefred.com/

All photos are courtesy of the world wide fred website.

Ellie (September 09, 2009)  

Love the French Toast, going to check out their site now!!!

Betty (September 09, 2009)  

so cute!

reminds me of this hello kitty toaster that i've always wanted to get :)

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (September 09, 2009)  

Those plates are the coolest!! Sadly though, my plates are generally so packed full to the brim they would be wasted on me :(

Trisha (September 10, 2009)  

Hahaha!!!! Big LOL @ spongioli!

Betty (September 10, 2009)  

Ooh so cute! I kind of want to buy everything! lol.
I used to have this background too :D (You must have great taste ;) lol

Alisa@Foodista (September 11, 2009)  

Lol, that is so cute! I visited the site and fell in love with a number of items there! Thanks for sharing this link!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (September 11, 2009)  

Hehe ok I know what I'm buying friends when they complain their kids won't eat!

Jen (September 24, 2009)  

I love the food face...that should get my boys eating! where can i get one in Australia?

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