Sweet Filipino Treats

After a long day at work I decided to stop by the Filipino Store. I don’t usually go but when I do I go a little overboard. I just love looking at everything that they have on offer. I always seem to find food that reminds me of my childhood. The Filipino store that I went to was quite small but they had so many treats that I rarely get to eat. I picked up some Spicy Pork Crackling, Mango and Tamarind Rolls (it’s a lolly), Mamon Tostado and some Polvoron.

The spicy pork crackling wasn’t what I expected. It was like eating pockets full of porky goodness. I dipped it in some vinegar that had fish sauce and pepper.

Tamarind rolls are small sweets that are full of flavour. Its like eating a squashed up roll up. My dad saw the packet and demolished it in a matter of minutes. Lucky I bought 3. At a $1.75 it was a bargain.

Polvoron is made out of toasted flour mixed with powdered milk, melted butter and sugar. I got cookies and cream and strawberry flavoured polvoron. It was not the best polvoron that I have eaten but it was nice to taste those similar flavours again.

The Mamon Tostado is like a sponge cake that has been lightly toasted. It’s really buttery and delicious. I normally have it with a cup of green tea.

Filipino treats are available in most Asian food groceries. Everyone should try it. Its tasty and worth the try.

Trissa (September 17, 2009)  

Kath, why are you torturing me by posting a picture of chicharon so late in the evening when there is not Filipino store to run to? Not fair! But you are absolutely right - everyone should try Filipino Sweets - they are the best!

betty (September 18, 2009)  

mango tamarind rolls- i think id like them!

shez (September 18, 2009)  

Sounds super interesting! I've seen the pork crackling before but have (painfully) avoided it for fear of my heart giving way. I like the sound of the mango tamarind rollups too! Sweet and sour in one feel, chewy, swoop!

Betty (September 18, 2009)  

Woah! $1.75 for the mango & tamarind rolls. I so have to go and find some now!!

Anonymous –  (September 18, 2009)  


Trisha (September 19, 2009)  

Oh that's it. I'm getting dried mangoes from the shops! One of my favourites Filipino munchies are the sweet tamarind glaces - they're so sweet and tangy and addictive!

Y (September 20, 2009)  

Ooh yum. I didn't know polvolron came in different flavours. Need to go find some!

Leona (September 22, 2009)  

my step mom buys those pork crackle things. She puts it on top of this filo noodle thing she makes with egg and prawn??

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (September 22, 2009)  

Thanks for showing us some more Philippino food! I'll look out for it in the Asian grocery stores :)

Jen (September 24, 2009)  

Yes, love love filipino treats too! I bought pulvoron makers and one day attempt to make some!

Eva (November 18, 2009)  

Im doing the Phillipines for a my class project, I need some more help on what food is best (preferably treats!)

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