Vogel's Beyond Muesli

Vogel’s are known for their healthy cereal range. They offer Muesli, Grain Clusters, Ultra Bran and Wild Harvest just to name a few. They are well known for their positive eating slogan. Darcie from Zing sent me some Vogel’s Beyond Muesli which is their new range.

I got a box of Blueberry Blackberry Acai (pronounced ah-sah-ee) and a box of Goji Strawberry Pomegranate. Looking at the box, it looks like there are heaps of dried fruit in the mix. But you know how food photography is. They tend to make food look more interesting that what it really is. I opened both packets and found that the photos were exactly what the cereals were like. There was an abundance of blueberries, blackberries, pomegranates and strawberries.

I tried the Blueberry Blackberry Acai. I normally have a little bit of sugar with my cereal but it just didn't need it. It was so crunchy. I've had some cereal that’s been incredibly chalky and this was not. The dried fruit added a bit of zing and you almost felt as if you were eating something that wasn’t really good for you.

I asked my friend Michelle to try the Goji Strawberry Pomegranate. She absolutely loved it. She said that the dried strawberries were like fresh strawberries in milk. She also said that it was crunchy and kept her feeling full and satisfied. Normally cereal only keeps you full for a few hours. Michelle went without any snacks until lunchtime.

Vogel’s Beyond Muesli went beyond my expectations. It was well balanced and full of nutrition. They retail for $6.79 and they are available at selected supermarkets. To find out more Vogel’s and positive eating just visit http://www.vogels.com.au/

betty (September 14, 2009)  

im gonna get me some
of the strawberry one
next time i go grocery shopping
which i should go tonight cos we seriously have no food at home............

i love crunchy nut

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (September 14, 2009)  

I really liked the amoutn of blueberries in the blurberry cereal! Some cereals only have a tiny amount of "bits" but I love the bits the best!

Trissa (September 14, 2009)  

I've never been a big breakfast person (except for weekends) but I could probably be converted if I ate this everyday!

VINCENT (September 19, 2009)  


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