Azuma Kushiyaki

Catching up with Elz and Chris is always fun. We decided that we were going to go to Chat Thai. I rang to make a booking but the first available was for 9pm. I remember a restaurant that Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella went to called Azuma Kushiyaki. I remember this post well because she saw Tetsuya there. So I rang them and asked if they had a booking available for 6pm that night. The girl on the phone was very helpful and I instantly got a good feeling about this place.

We walked in to a group of waitresses with smiles on their faces. They immediately showed us to our table. Chris, who normally does the ordering for us went straight for the menu.

Free range spatchcock platter (grilled thigh, breast fillet, mini drumsticks and karaage deep fried wings $16.80). The grilled thigh was my favourite. It was seasoned with soy and butter. Simple but delicious.

Wagyu Karamiso $15.00. This was described as spicy but it was just right for me. It was full of flavour. The beef pieces in the soup were soft and it also had a few quail eggs which are one of my favourites.

Soft shell crab tempura $15.00. We were very lucky, the crab was pretty big and it was so sweet.

Seared Tuna salad served with ponzu vinaigrette $15.00. This is one of Azuma's signature dished. It was featured on Food Safari.

Quail eggs served with kushiyaki sauce $3.00. I love quail eggs. The kushiyaki sauce was sweet and sticky. TASTY..

Grilled king fish head. This was full of meat. The good stuff that no one really cares for. The eyes are something that I can never get used to eating. I freaked myself out when I accidentally poked the fish in the eye and the eye came out. The girls giggled at me as I made faces while the eye was dangling of my chopsticks.

OK so if you are easily grosed out I would close my eyes and scroll down. This is Chrissy holding up the gruesome fish eye. Ehehehe.

Speaking of Chrissy check out her soy pouring skillz. What a natural. If you want to hire her for some advertising give me a call or leave a comment. LOL..

Assorted sashimi entree $20.00. Fresh sashimi, you just cant go wrong. The scallop was very sweet.

Beef carpaccio $25.00. I don't really like raw beef, but I tried it. It was ok. Chris and Elz liked it.

At this stage we were all pretty full. But I always have room for dessert. I ordered a scoop of green tea and caramel ice cream with red bean $11.00. The caramel ice cream was so creamy. It was not your average caramel ice cream. It was a little bitter which gave it character. The green tea was not at all strong but matched the sweetness of the red bean.

Azuma Kushiyaki is a gem. If you want to try food that you would normally find in Izakaya's in Japan this is the place to go. They have small dishes as well as the traditional Japanese fair. The prices are reasonable and the service is excellent.
Kushiyaki Azuma
T: (02) 9267 7775
F: (02) 9267 7776
Ground Floor Regent Place Shopping
501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Trissa (October 12, 2009)  

Oh Kath - the sashimi for 20 bucks looks like great value!

Trisha (October 12, 2009)  

Ohhh yeah I love Japanese food! Hey which lens are you using, Kath? I forgot to ask you before!

Anabel Nieuwen –  (October 12, 2009)  

:O Is this where we're going when I get back Kath? hehe

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (October 13, 2009)  

Haha love that eyeball shot-it's like you are feeding it to us! :P

Betty (October 13, 2009)  



I remember going to an all u can eat hot pot place, i really ate sooo many quail egs, about 20- or 30 Lols

the food looks great im gonna jot it down in my to eat list
the pics look excellent as well Katherine well done!

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (October 13, 2009)  

Looks great, and again I get Japanese ceramic envy! (and have a hankering for soft shelled crab, mmm)

Katherine A Cupcake Or Two –  (October 13, 2009)  

Trissa - You need to go there with Dan. I think you will both love it.

Anna - I will take you here when you come back. Missing you lots..

Trisha - I use the 18 to 55mm lens that came with my camera. It also came with the 55 to 250mm too.

Lorraine - I freaked out when it popped out so I had to take a shot. ehehe.

Betty - Quail eggs are the best. I can eat this everyday. The only thing that sucks is peeling them.

Conor - The dishes were amazing. Every single dish came out with a new ceramic plate or bowl. So nice.

Ellie (October 14, 2009)  

I went there same week with Lorraine but no luck with tetsuya :( love the skewers and their chawanmushi with mandarin zest.

Christine –  (October 16, 2009)  

Oh that photo of the eyeball is so cool

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