Doo Ri Barbeque Restaurant

Going to new restaurants and trying new cuisine is always such an exciting adventure. On this particular Saturday we decided that Korean was the pick for dinner. We went to a little restaurant called Doo Ri. This was a recommendation from my cousin’s friend who says that it is one of the best Korean restaurants.

The restaurant is located right across Strathfield station which is very convenient on weekdays if you are coming after work to meet some friends for dinner. The owner of the restaurant was so helpful. She came up to us and asked if it was our first time to her restaurant and suggested what we should order.

We ended up ordering the Combination BBQ set (52.00) and the Combination Seafood Casserole with Vegetables ($40.00). Along with the 2 orders they gave us some sides to go with the BBQ meat. The sides were potatoes with sweet chilli sauce, deep fried vegetable balls, kimchi and potato noodles with vegetables.

I tried the lychee ice tea which was fantastic. I recommend a glass of this. Its really good.

The Combination BBQ set came out with thin slices beef and pork. There was also chicken and some beef bulgogi. The meat cooked in no time. The beef bulgogi was so soft. The thin slices of pork were crispy and the chicken had a bit of spice which was a great match with the crispy lettuce leaves that we got with the meal.

The casserole was delicious. It was full of soft baby octopus, fish pieces, mussels, crab and prawns. The soup was full of flavour.

I will definitely go to Doo Ri again. It is one of the best Korean Restaurants that I have been to.
For more information on their menu go to
Doo Ri Korean BBQ Restaurant
Shop 136 - 137
20 - 34 Albert Road
Telephone: 97467111
Fax: 97461811

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (October 20, 2009)  

Lychee ice tea sounds like a refreshing tipple.

MaryMoh (October 20, 2009)  

I love Korean food....they r sooooo goooood. They look so delicious here. My family loves kimchi. I make it very often.

Katherine A Cupcake Or Two –  (October 20, 2009)  

Conor - The lychee ice tea was so good. I ended up buying a pack of 12 on the way to the car at the local store.

Mary - I never used to like Kimchi and then I had the Kimchi pancake. I am now a huge Kimchi fan. Its so good.

Trisha (October 21, 2009)  

Oh when you're back in my area let me know so we can catch up!!! And yes, love the Korean places in Strathfield. I also love the Korean shops - I frequent the one in North Strathfield after I go to the gym! :)

Helena –  (October 21, 2009)  

Wahhhhhh... I want to be in Sydney RIGHT NOW!!!!

Leona (October 22, 2009)  

Ive always wanted to try korean restaurants around stratties but im clueless in terms of ordering and trying things new. Great post!

Betty (October 22, 2009)  

Ooh cool. There's so many Korean restaurants in Strattie, I have no idea which to choose! I usually go to Se Jong in Campsie, have you been to that one? I really like it. But this one sounds great too, I'm going to remember it for next time!

Katherine A Cupcake Or Two –  (October 23, 2009)  

Trisha - Lets catch-up soon and I will go to Stratty for some Korean eheheh

Helena - Aww Helenanananana I will take you here..

Leona - Come and join Trisha and I. Trisha knows Stratty pretty well. Korean is awesome.

Betty - I havent been to the one in Campsie. My friend Therese has though and she said that Doo Ri was heaps better

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