Halloween Treats

What do you do when your macarons go horribly wrong? You make them into Halloween treats that what.. Ever since my macaron post I have been making them and they have been perfect. Pretty feet, different colours and so many flavours. Up until Saturday. I made them with exactly the same recipe, measured everything twice and let them dry.

When I was piping them I knew there was something wrong. It was sticky and the mixture was extremely hard to pipe. I put them in the oven and that's when the freaky stuff started happening. The tops of the macarons were perfect but the feet got bigger and bigger.

I took them out and sandwiched them in a passion fruit and white chocolate ganache. The first thing that my mum said was "they look like roadkill".

Great my macarons looked like road kill. Then I thought of Halloween. I can pretend that I meant for them to look like that and I can serve them to the family as a Halloween treat. Just a teaser of whats to come.. They fell for it and within 10 minutes all the Road Kill Macs were eaten...

Trissa (October 25, 2009)  

Kath! That is hilarious! Road kill macs - you can patent that! Given they were finished so fast, I am sure they were delicious anyway!

Ellie (October 25, 2009)  

HAHAHA! Good one! Can I have your passionfruit white chocolate ganache recipe? The last time I added fruit puree on my white chocolate ganache, it crumbled and split.

Helena –  (October 26, 2009)  

LOL!! HAHAHHAHAA! Nice touch Shanaynay!

Lauren (October 26, 2009)  

I think they look wonderful! Great idea making them into halloween treats - don't want anything to go to waste!

Barbara Bakes (October 26, 2009)  

lol - Most of my macarons have been delicious roadkill. Next time I'll have to add the spiders!

Leona @ Pigged Out (October 26, 2009)  

Those spiders scare me!

i'd still eat them even though they're roadkill. Its perfect for halloween and adds to the theme ^_^

Belle@OohLook (October 26, 2009)  

Hehehe, I shouldn't laugh, but macarons are such temperamental things, aren't they? Your deformed ones look so perfect with the Halloween spiders.

Betty (October 26, 2009)  

love your decorations Kath its so cute hehe

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge (October 26, 2009)  

ARRRGGGH! I thought I really have spiders on my computer screen! Great idea to use them for halloween!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (October 26, 2009)  

Hehe great idea! Pretend it was supposed to be those all along and distract with faux creepy crawlies :D

Katherine A Cupcake Or Two –  (October 26, 2009)  

Trissa - A patent. I should ask Adriano to make some. Kath's Road Kill Macs.

Ellie - Did you get the recipe I sent?

Helena - Thanks. Cant wait to see you.

Lauren - Thanks. Uhhmm yes they are suppose to look like that. ehehe

Barbara - Thanks for visiting. The spiders are creepy and when I looked at the photos I thought they were real.

Leona - Thanks. It was fun making them. They tasted good despite looking like road kill.

Belle - Macarons are so hit and miss. I still love making them though.

Betty - Thanks Betty. It was fun buying them

Maria - No they are definately not real.

Lorraine - The creepy crawlies covered all all my Macarons mishaps. Thats for sure.

♥peachkins♥ (October 26, 2009)  

Thank you for dropping by my blog. I enjoyed browsing through yours....nice posts, I'm sure I will be back for more...

Nice to meet you.

shaz (October 27, 2009)  

Roadkill macs - that's priceless! Honestly they look very pretty to me, not scary at all. Thanks for visitng my blog :)

Rilsta (October 27, 2009)  

Road kill macs - love the name! So many people complain of no feet, but I wonder why yours had such large ones! The passionfruit and white chocolate ganache sounds divine though!

MaryMoh (October 28, 2009)  

That's very creative. They do look real and scary.

Betty (October 28, 2009)  

Hehe awesome! Road kill macarons - good work palming them off as a halloween treat! love the decorations too!

Iron Chef Shellie (October 28, 2009)  

awww mums can be so harsh sometimes!

Nice styling of them for halloween. The flavour sounds delicious =)

macarons are such a biatch to make!!

muffinsareuglycupcakes (October 29, 2009)  

ahhhh big foot! haha :P
passion fruit and white chocolate omg heaven!
i'd rather have big feet, than no feet!
bet they taste awesome.

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