I Did It, I Made Macarons

Ok so I know to some people I may sound a little odd. I have been a big fan of macarons since I first had one at Lindt which they actually call Delice. I have always wanted to make my own but it just seemed so difficult. Letting the egg whites age, making sure you let the macarons sit to form a skin. Yadda yadda yadda. I just didnt have the time to do all that. However there was a day where I had all the ingredients in front of me and I tried it out only to fail miserably. From that day I gave up my dreams of making the perfect macaron.

Then I started to see post from fellow blogger's about their macaron experience. It ignited that flame and I suddenly got my baking mojo back. It was so interesting what people did with their macarons, the flavours that they use and also the recipe. Some of my favourite post are

- Raspberry and Rosewater Macarons by Shez from One Bite More
- Honey and Vanilla Chai Macarons by Ellie from Almost Bourdain
- Paintbrush Macarons by Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella

After reading Trissa's post, I decided that her recipe was perfect to use. After a few minutes in the oven, it happened. They started to rise and I saw feet forming, I got so excited. I did it , yes that's right... I finally made them.
OK so they are not the best looking macs in town but they have feet. The best part about it all is that fact that I made them.

Thanks to Trissalicious for the recipe. If you want to try it yourself click here.

Trisha (October 17, 2009)  

You got feet! You did it!!! CONGRATULATIONS hun! Now it's my turn to try out Trissa's recipe (and will most probably fail miserably!).

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (October 17, 2009)  

Oh I'm going to try Trissa's recipe too, just haven't quite got around to it yet. Congratulations to you!!! They look fantastic! Hooray for feet!

Ellie (October 17, 2009)  

OMG!!! You got FEET!!! They are perfect!!!!!!!!! Congratulations for your success!

Trissa (October 17, 2009)  

Kath! I am so happy for you! I can imagine how happy you must have been when you saw the macs having their feet and rising! I love it! You just made my day! Can't wait to see your new flavours! This must be why you were calling me this afternoon?

mademoiselle dĂ©licieuse (October 17, 2009)  

Congrats! I'm still summoning up the courage to tackle two of my greatest cooking fears one day: macarons and soufflés - eek!

A cupcake or two (October 18, 2009)  

Trisha - Oh thanks hunny. I am so proud. You are a fantastic cook and baker. I think your first attempt will probably be the start of a macaron roll out.

Conor - Thanks. I halved the recipe in case I stuffed it up and I made pretty big ones. Goodluck and make sure to let me know how you go.

Trissa - Thanks again for the recipe and the encouragement. It was exactly why I was calling you ehehhe.

betty (October 18, 2009)  

oh congrats Katherine! :) they look yummy

Karine (October 19, 2009)  

I heard making macarons can be really difficult.. I believe you did an amazing job with these! Thanks for sharing :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (October 20, 2009)  

Congratulations on your macaron success! Trissa has really revived the macaron trend! :)

shez (October 22, 2009)  

Congratulations!! They look absolutely beaufitul, and I love the shade of pink you've gone with. Well done :)

MaryMoh (October 29, 2009)  

My gosh....this must be the 6th macaroon post that I hv seen today. Looks like it's macaroon festival....LOL. Really pretty and look delicious. Well done.

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Annapet (June 21, 2011)  

Thanks for the macaron links! I have discovered Lorraine's macarons sometime ago and I think I need to revisit!

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