Soba Noodles

I'm a big fan of quick and easy meals. My dad has been raving on about some cold soba noodles that my cousin gave him. So I went to World Square and bought a few ingredients so I can try and replicate it. I bought some organic soba noodles, bonito flakes, shredded seaweed and soba dipping sauce.

I cooked the soba as per the instructions on the packet. It took a mere 4 minutes for the soba to cook. I then soaked it in some cold water and set it aside. Once this was cooled I added the soba dipping sauce and tossed it. I then served it with some bonito flakes and shredded seaweed on top.

The soba was delicious. Although I didn't make the sauce myself I was a little proud that I managed to replicate what my cousin did for my dad. He woke up that night just before heading out to work and ate a big bowl of soba. He then told me that he would eat the rest in the morning. See my father is very hard to please when it comes to food. He only ever eats what my mum cooks. For him to claim that big bowl of soba was like me winning a car. I was thrilled.

Hayles –  (October 03, 2009)  

I'm not a big fan of noodles but these look great. Nice easy and healthy recipe. I'm going to try this out next week. Thanks Kath!

Trissa (October 03, 2009)  

What a great idea - cold soba noodles. The weather is starting to turn so this will be perfect when the weather gets hot. I'm glad your Dad liked the food!

Bryan V. (October 03, 2009)  

Not familiar with this noodle recipe! Glad that your dad loves it. you gotta do it more often.

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (October 03, 2009)  

Well done, sounds so simple yet delicious. I love cold soba.

Also, well done you for getting such kudos from your Dad. I also get incredibly excited if I can get my Dad to say that something is better than "OK" or "alright"! I'm introducing his to Dim Sum this morning actually, so fingers crossed he enjoys himself!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (October 03, 2009)  

I looove cold soba noodles, in fact I don't really go for warm soba but cold soba in the depths and heat of Summer is such a god send! :)

Belle@Ooh, Look (October 03, 2009)  

Cold soba noodles are fantastic in summer, tossed with some matchsticked carrot and celery, and maybe some duck. Congrats on getting your dad's approval, too!

mademoiselle délicieuse (October 04, 2009)  

Would you like to take him to Ju Ge Mu & Shimbashi ( They serve both hot and cold soba where the noodles have been made on-site!

Katherine A Cupcake or Two –  (October 04, 2009)  

Hayles - you have to try soba its so delicious hot or cold.

Trissa - Yeah my dad loved it and it is fab for the summer months.

Byran - I got lots of ingredients so I can pretty much make it when he wants which si cool.

Conor - How did the Dim Sum introduction go?

Lorraine - I'm a fan of cold soba too. I find some hot soba's are really heavy on the tummy

Belle - I will definately try your version. I'm pretty sure my dad will get used to the same dish after a while.

Mademoiselle - I will definately that restaurant once I get the chance to go to Neutral Bay

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (October 04, 2009)  

To answer your question, my Dad seemed to neither love it nor hate it, in typical Dad style! Liked some dishes, didn't like others. Oh well, I guess it was too much to hope he'd leap out of his seat exclaiming how cool it was!

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