Baroque Bistro For A Very Blogger Christmas

We all know how incredibly hectic the Silly Season can be. I wanted to make sure that before all the mayhem started that I would catch-up with some of my favourite Food Bloggers. So I sent a quick email to find out when the girls were free and settled on a Tuesday night. Since it’s for Christmas I thought Secret Santa would be fun. Lorraine picked names from her hat and sent us all emails to tell us who our Secret Santa was.

A few months ago I went to the Showcase for Baroque Bistro. I liked their menu so I nominated it for our dinner destination.

When we all got to the restaurant we settled in and caught up before we all gave Lorraine our presents. Everyone took turns closing their eyes so they couldn't tell who their present came from.

Once the presents were distributed we all started opening them. I knew exactly who got me. I looked at her and she smiled. Trisha from Sugarlace. I got a cookbook called 1001 Cupcakes and Cookies and Other Tempting Treats. I love it and cant wait to post some recipes from it.

Trisha, Lorraine and I decided to share some entrees and mains. I think this is a great way of tasting more of whats on offer. It also stops me from getting too much Food Envy.

We decided to order the snail and asparagus salad $13.00 and the black pudding on puff pastry with roasted apples $15.00 for our Entree.

The snails were soft and the salad was delicious. I only ate a few snails as I was really looking forward to the second entree. This was my first time tasting black pudding. It was really nice with the apple and the pastry. It didn't have a very strong flavour like a Filipino dish that I eat called Dinuguan. This is basically a blood stew that has a very strong flavour.

Trissa and Betty both ordered the baked eggs, porcini cream and toasted baguette $13.00. I had some of Trissa's and it was really nice although I am not really a big fan of runny eggs.

Ellie ordered the poached chicken, witlof, mango with a soy vinaigrette $16.00. It looked like a very summery Entree.

For mains we chose the Ocean Trout Fillet with carrot puree $24.00, Braised Beef Cheeks with roasted parsnips $25.00 and the Confit Lamb Shoulder $25.00.

The Ocean Trout was gorgeous. It was soft and the carrot puree was smooth. This was my favourite dish.

When there are beef cheeks on the menu I always end up ordering it. I like slow cooked meat. They were very soft and sticky. The roasted parsnips were also nice.

Our waiter got a bit confused and didn't bring out our lamb with the rest of the mains. I don't eat much lamb but this was great. It was seasoned and cooked really well.

Ellie ordered the butchers cut of beef with fries and eschallot jus $25.00. The fries with this dish were freshly cut and had a slight garlic flavour.

Dessert was shared by the entire table. We ordered the breton shortbread with apple and nougatine $15.00, Croquettes of chocolate caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream $13.00 and the Vanilla creme brulee with pistachio ice cream $13.00.

The croquette innards was a pool of dark chocolate. It was lovely. I really couldn't taste much of the caramel sauce though.

The brulee was ok. I've had a lot of creme brulee and this was not the best. I don't think the ice cream had enough of a pistachio taste.

The breton shortbread with apple and nougatine was my favourite dessert. This came with cute little macarons. Speaking of macarons, they gave us some complimentary macarons.

Baroque is a great place to go for a casual dinner with friends. The menu is affordable and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

Baroque Bistro Patisserie
88 George Street, The Rocks
SydneyNSW, Australia

Telephone: 02 9241 4811

I'd like to thank Trissa from Trissalicious, Betty from Betty's Bites, Ellie from Almost Bourdain , Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella and Trisha from Sugarlace for joining me for dinner and Secret Santa. Meeting you girls has been one of the highlights of my year and I look forward to many more meet ups.

Trissa I can't wait to see your post with you grating coconuts on your new coconut graiter.

MaryMoh (November 19, 2009)  

wow...what a lovely meal....right from starter to dessert. Everything looks so delicious. I wish I was there.

Trisha (November 19, 2009)  

You beat me into posting up an entry! Hahaha! I was going to do it tonight but got caught up baking cupcakes for work. :) Anyway, hope you really liked the KK gift and looking forward to seeing more baking adventures from you Kath!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (November 19, 2009)  

How good was that ocean trout? Thanks for organising it Kath, it was a fun night! :D

Tangled Noodle (November 20, 2009)  

Sounds like a wonderful evening together! Can't wait to see what you decide to make from your new book. As for the dishes above, they all look marvelous but I'd love a taste of the black pudding on puff pastry. I'm definitely a dinuguan fan!

joey@FoodiePop (November 20, 2009)  

Wow, great to see another perspective of this new bistro restaurant. Great review.

Fiona (November 20, 2009)  

I can't do eggs... thogh I'm sure they were nice - I'd stick with the shank!

Ladybird (November 20, 2009)  

Those macaroons look spectacular!


Conor @ HoldtheBeef (November 20, 2009)  

Looks like a fantastic night! Loving that trout, not sure I'd be able to share it with anyone though ;)

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge (November 20, 2009)  

oh great idea with the secret santa, and absolutely great present you got!! Trisha chose very well! Those dessert look really good. Too bad the pistachio icecream was a let down

Trissa (November 20, 2009)  

Agree with Conor - I ordered the lamb which was good but totally suffering from ocean trout envy! Great pictures Kath! You are doing well with your camera!

Ellie (November 22, 2009)  

You posted the pictures of the handsome chefs...... lol!! It's was a great evening. Thanks for organising it :)

Forager (November 24, 2009)  

Ooh, looks pretty delicious! Another one for the to-eat-at list!

Betty (November 25, 2009)  

great pics Kath- and thanks for organising :)

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