Belgian Beer Cafe

During a hectic working week it’s always good to take a break and have a few drinks and a nice lunch with some friends at work. On this particular occasion it was Danny’s farewell lunch.

We went to the Belgian Beer Café. Perfect timing as it was Mussels Wednesday. From Midday to 10pm its half price mussels. They also have a special menu of two courses for $25.00 to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

I ordered the Mussels Poulette. These are cooked with white wine, bacon, vegetables and a touch of cream. Normally $26.90 but because its was Mussels Wednesday it was only $13.45. The mussels were plump and poulette had a nice flavour and loaded with ham and vegetables.

The mussels came with the Belgians signature chips with mayonnaise. The chips were very oily this time around. It wasn't up to its normal standards.

Kat and Danny ordered the A l'Escargot. These are half-shell mussels, grilled with garlic butter. Normally $25.90 but $12.95 for Mussels Wednesday

Chris ordered the Heritage Herb & Chicken Schnitzel $24.50. I tasted a little piece of the chicken and it was just very herby for me.

Mon ordered the Belgian Chicken & Mushroom Vol au Vent. This is a chicken, mushroom and asparagus casserole served on a Vol au Vent. This was part of their set menu which is 2 courses for $47.00 and 3 Course $57.00.

The Belgian is a good place for lunch especially if you go when they have their specials. Their website has a lot of information on upcoming promotions and specials so check it out.

135 Harrington Street
The Rocks NSW 2000
Located in the old St. Patrick School Hall, just behind Grosvenor Place
Telephone: (02) 9241 1775
Fax: (02) 9241 1875

Hayles –  (November 14, 2009)  

God thats mad me so hungry Kath. Great post. I'm off to either eat something really yummy or drink some beers. I can't decide.

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (November 14, 2009)  

Mmmmm garlic butter.

The chicken schnitzel reminds me how annoying it is when your lemon/lime garnish is plopped in the sauce. You have to get your hands all saucy to squeeze the juice. Boo.

muffinsareuglycupcakes (November 15, 2009)  

omg katherine! i just received your mail :)
cant wait to try it and blog about it! heehee.
thank you so much <3

Trissa (November 15, 2009)  

I always order the poulette - they are my favourite in Belgian Beer. They've also got great suckling pig... thanks for the post Kath - I am reminded I need to book a Christmas lunch for friends!

Julia @ Mélanger (November 15, 2009)  

What a great selection of food!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (November 15, 2009)  

Ooh that's very good to know about the half price mussels! I adore Belgian mussels (with the chips and mayo of course) :P

Anonymous –  (November 16, 2009)  

oh yummy chips!
& those voleuants mmmm

xx Bets

Leona (November 17, 2009)  

farewells are a good reason to go out and eat and booze. Do you work in the city? if so should catch-up for lunch if your free.

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