Did you say Chocolate Pasta?

I was walking past Sugar Fix one day when I came across some Chocolate Pasta. I was examining the clear bag thinking maybe it was chocolate shaped as pasta. Well it wasn't. It was actually pasta flavoured with cocoa. I have never seen anything like this. I bought a bag to try.

I opened the packet and a strong chocolate smell hit me. I boiled two handfuls of the pasta and waited for it to cool. Simple is always best when trying new things. I tossed the pasta through some white chocolate shavings and topped it with some berries.

It was very unusual. I expected it to taste like a chocolate bar, instead it was a subtle cocoa flavour. It was similar to eating a bowl of Champorado which is a Filipino Chocolate Rice dish.

If you are curious about Chocolate pasta, you can actually buy it online from http://www.theprofessors.com.au

Ellie (January 03, 2010)  

How intriguing!chocolate pasta. I like how you pair them with choc shavings and frsh fruis. Yum!

chocolatesuze (January 03, 2010)  

oh yum! that sounds interesting! would make for a funny april fools joke!

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (January 03, 2010)  

I really like the idea of this, and would like to try it, but can't see it making its way to my list of pantry staples. It has certainly got my brain ticking over with ideas though..

Trissa (January 03, 2010)  

Hurray for chocolate pasta! Thanks for sharing this idea with us Kath. Do we have to order online or can we get in a store? Where is sugar fix?

mademoiselle délicieuse (January 03, 2010)  

This is a most interesting concept...maybe it needs to be paired with a sweet sauce? Sort of like rice custard??

Anonymous –  (January 03, 2010)  

wow chocolate pasta, sounds very very interesting


Helen (Grab Your Fork) (January 04, 2010)  

Now that's one way to get kids to eat their dinner! lol. Have always been fascinated by chocolate pasta. Have tried a few ravioli versions but they didn't have much of a cocoa flavour. This one sounds pretty tasty!

Lauren (January 04, 2010)  

I'm fascinated. That looks delicious and fun! Something you've got to try at least once =D.

Fiona (January 04, 2010)  

very interesting... think some berries is certainly the best way to go with something like that. A little like nutella?

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (January 05, 2010)  

This is very interesting! From the appearance, it looks nice and chocolatey but I suppose pasta can't be that chocolatey!

Trisha (January 06, 2010)  

That is soooo cool Kath!!! Mmmm I feel like having champorado now.....

Teri @ Make A Whisk (January 07, 2010)  

That's really interesting. I once made a chocolate lasagna, that involved cocoa powder in the fresh pasta. Then the filling was dark chocolate shavings, pistachios, and marscapone cheese. It was very interesting, very fancy looking, but not quite to my tastes.

muffinsareuglycupcakes (January 07, 2010)  

never heard of it.
i would eat it for breakfast, with milk! :P

MaryMoh (January 08, 2010)  

Oh my gosh.....that looks utterly new and interesting to me. Never seen or heard before. I wonder how I would cook that but your dish looks very delicious.

Viagra Online (September 17, 2010)  

I am convinced that this is a unimaginable dessert that I have never thought to have it on my hands, I am usually eating a lot of chocolates that I have never thought to get it.

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