Jas My Waffles - Rooty Hill

I first heard about Jas My Waffles from my mum. She hired them for my nephews 1st birthday. I remember how everyone was impressed with their delicious creations. They had savoury and sweet waffles on sticks for everyone to enjoy.

I was pleased to hear that they opened up a cafe near Rooty Hill station in the west. I bumped into my friend Miriam and we decided to go and check it out.

Jas My Waffles has a young and hip feel. There is a big plasma TV for you to watch while you are waiting for your order to arrive. Their menu has breakfast options, hot beverages, churros, pancakes, and sweet/savoury waffles. Oh and did I mention that they also have New Zealand Natural ice cream.

I was tossing up between a traditonal Halo Halo which is a Filipino favourite and the Jas My Favourite Platter which Miriam and I could share. After looking at the menu for the longest time we chose to go with the Jas My Favourites Platter which had 5 waffles, 4 churros and 1 dipping sauce. All that for $18.00 which was quite a good deal.

Strawberry waffle $2.50 each. Their waffles are served warm and the strawberry sauce on this was nice and tart with the sweetness of the icing sugar cutting through the tartness. The maple syrup waffle was light and served with real maple syrup. You cant go wrong with real maple syrup $2.50 each.

The pistachio and macadamia waffles $2.50 each, were my favourite. It was covered in melted chocolate with big chunks of pistachios and macadamias.

The flake waffle was the last one that we had. This was a chocolate lovers dream. It was drenched in melted chocolate with chunky bits of flake on top $2.50 each.

The churros were very big. They serve you 4 of these in the Jas My Favourite Platter. I was impressed. They were cooked perfectly. I would have loved more dipping sauce though. Cinnamon Churros are $2.00, Chocolate and Caramel Churros are $2.50.

If you are ever in the west and want to try Waffles of a different kind I suggest going to Jas My Waffles. The staff are extremely friendly, the desserts are delicious and great value for money.

Jas My Waffles
Shop 6, Rooty Hill Road North
Rooty Hill NSW 2766

Phone: 02 9575 4814
Email: info@jasmywaffles.com.au
Website: http://www.jasmywaffles.com.au/

shirls –  (January 27, 2010)  

Oh my god that strawberry one looks amazing!!
Is there one in parra??

Trisha (January 28, 2010)  

Hahaha that churros is MASSIVE and yes I agree could do more dipping sauce? I've tried their hotdog and cheese waffles before too

Tangled Noodle (January 28, 2010)  

This is my kind of place! Love the pistachio waffle and the churros but hope they won't always be so stingy with the chocolate sauce. 8-)

Fiona (January 28, 2010)  

The waffles are too cute :) Love that they're on sticks

betty (January 28, 2010)  

they look yummy - where is rooty hill.. ?!

chocolatesuze (January 28, 2010)  

waffles on sticks?! aahhhh so cute!

Chef Aimee (January 28, 2010)  

Oh my gosh this place sounds like HEAVEN. Those churros look so yummy, and I would definitely want to try the pistachio waffle! Mmm!

♥peachkins♥ (January 28, 2010)  

oOohh, I am soo jealous.I wish there's a Jas My Waffles here

Sophie (January 28, 2010)  

MMMMMM,...all of the food looks grand & so tasty!! It is impossible to choose,...

Ladybird (January 28, 2010)  

Those churros look fantastic. I definitely want to give these a go!!!

helena (January 29, 2010)  

NOM NOM NOM!!! Churros are my fav!!! You have to take me here when I come back!!!!!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (January 29, 2010)  

Hehe what a cool way of serving waffles! And look at all of those wonderful toppings! :D

Malou@IMPROMPTU (January 29, 2010)  

look at all those waffles with different toppings... i wouldn't know what to pick if you were to ask me haha!

panda (January 30, 2010)  

did you say a waffle platter?! mmmm........
shame that this place is so far from me.

Ellie (January 31, 2010)  

Lovely place! I have not heard of them. Love the Mega Churros!!

pierre (January 31, 2010)  

hi katherine
these waffle look like churrios don't they ?
cheers from paris Pierre

Rhiannon (February 01, 2010)  

Wow. I will definantly be avoiding the M7 when I visit my grandmother next!

Looks amazgatron.

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (February 02, 2010)  

The amount of dipping sauce compared to the size of the churros is almost comical. Haven't seen waffles on sticks before but these look cool :)

Von (February 04, 2010)  

The name of this cafe is awesome! I've only ever had waffles once but these look so cool, I can't wait to try them again!

vickys (February 07, 2010)  

Oh yum! Churros with melted chocolate. Judging by the photos, I completely understand why you love this place! :) And how much do I agree with your blog name!

cusinera (February 25, 2010)  

kath, you made me crave waffle dogs...so bad that I took out my forgotten waffle dog maker out from the depths of my kitchen cupboard..wish there's a shop like that in Brisbane. I also link your post here as you have inspired me again to use the waffle dog maker..hehehehehhehhe...

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Anonymous –  (November 27, 2010)  

Ate Jas i Love Your Halo Halo kasi that's why im always there after work :) sarap diba :)

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