Kwek Kwek or Tukneneng - Filipino Street Food

Kwek Kwek or Tukneneng is a Filipino snack often found at street vendors in the Philippines. It’s basically Chicken or Quail eggs deep fried with an orange batter. I first heard about this snack from my cousin Grace. She was telling me how much she loved it, and how my cousin Ping made the best ones.

I asked Ping to make me some so I can taste it. I couldn’t believe that something so simple could taste so darn good.

There are many variations to this dish. Most good cooks never measure so when I asked Ping for the recipe she just told me that she put a little bit of this and a pinch of that.

The recipe below is based on what she gave me

Kwek Kwek or Tukneneng


12 quail eggs peeled
1 cup flour
About 1/2 cup of water
1 teaspoon of oyster sauce
Orange food colouring

Oil for deep frying.


1. Mix flour and pepper in a bowl
2. Add oyster sauce and food colouring and mix
3. Add the water a little bit at a time until the batter is the consistency of thickened cream.
4. Dunk each quail egg into the batter and deep fry until golden

Kwek Kwek or Tukneneng is normally served with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce made with vinegar, sugar, soy, chilli, salt and pepper.
Despites its funny name, this is a delicious snack. Its also really easy to make.

Trisha (January 06, 2010)  

OHMYGOD you're killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooooohhhh can I just reach out and grab a handful and run away with them? Mwahahahaha!

Tangled Noodle (January 06, 2010)  

Wish I'd seen kwek-kwek during our recent trip to PI! I've never tasted them before but I'm already craving them.

mademoiselle délicieuse (January 06, 2010)  

Absolutely love quail eggs! Whether just hard-boiled, adorning the tops of steamed 'dim sum' or deep-fried =)

♥peachkins♥ (January 07, 2010)  

I love this too..Let me show you our neighborhood tukneneng store...

Tukneneng Store

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (January 07, 2010)  

I've never heard of these before, and would never have guessed those little fried morsels would contain whole eggs! I like it.

Also, this is really weird but I swear when I first looked at the first photo I caught a whiff of boiled egg smell. I swear I didn't fart. Weird.

shaz (January 07, 2010)  

what a cute name! It sounds so good, deep fried egg and chilli suace, no brainer, I'd eat heaps :)

Helen (Grab Your Fork) (January 07, 2010)  

Yum, deep-fried? Count me in. I love the name too!

Trissa (January 07, 2010)  

Isnt' it strange how I've never heard of this dish until now? I wish I had! It sounds delicious. I wonder why they put orange coloring?

Fiona (January 07, 2010)  

My partner would love this - shame I refuse to cook eggs for him ;)

betty (January 07, 2010)  

hey i love quail eggs and deep fried thingimabobs - yummo

muffinsareuglycupcakes (January 07, 2010)  

i love quail eggs. i usually just boil them and eat it on its own.
quite interesting what you did with it :)
might just make this for my helpers from Philippines!

pigpigscorner (January 08, 2010)  

That's such a cute name! and deep fried...yum...

Ladybird (January 08, 2010)  

Wow, that certainly is different! I love the way that street food has a certain naughty but nice appeal :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (January 08, 2010)  

OMG No way! How fantastic! I love quail's eggs and these sound so cool! :D Thanks for the inside shot too!

MaryMoh (January 08, 2010)  

That looks very delicious! I would eat a dozen if not for the cholesterol. May be eat first and think later....LOL

Ellie (January 08, 2010)  

Deep fried quail eggs!!! I have never tried it but looking at the recipe, it sounds very very good :)

WizzyTheStick (January 12, 2010)  

It's very nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by my blog. Much appreciated.

These eggs look so delicious. I never had a quail's egg before. Could I perhaps substitute with a duck's egg?

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