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Last year Christine and I went to Ocean Room to try their Sugar Hit. We arrived and decided that we would take advantage of things and have dinner instead. We chose the Tasting Menu for $90.00.

We start of with the oyster duo. The duo includes a rock oyster with a chilli and lemon dressing and a pacific oyster with shiso basil sorbet and konbu. The oysters were fresh and plump. The combination of flavours didn’t take away from the natural taste of the oysters.

The tuna cornet and anchovy sorbet was the next course. I blue fin tuna was melt in your mouth and the cornet was crunchy. The anchovy sorbet was salty but very good.

The next course was the wasabi prawns. Due to lighting issues I just couldn’t get a good picture of these. Now you just can’t go wrong with soft shell crab. The taco had 2 healthy portions of soft shell crab. This was by far my favourite dish. I literally could have eaten 2 or 3 of these.

The saikyo miso cod was the next course. I was not a very big fan of this dish. I felt that the flavours were too strong for my liking. The cod was a little too firm and my taste buds were a little confused.

The prawn sizzle was great. Big plump pieces of prawns. I even ate the head.

The next dish was the one I was waiting for. I tasted a preview while I was at the World Chefs Showcase. I was looking forward to tasting the different condiments with the pieces of fresh tuna. The truffle salt was beyond words. It was amazing with the piece of blue fin tuna.

By the time the shansho pepper steak came out I was full. I can’t believe how much food was coming out. I only had a small piece of the steak which was juicy.

Chris and I basically just stared at the next course. We took a bit of a break before we ate this. It was a selection of nigiri sushi.

While we took a break and my dinner buddy was in the ladies I noticed a table who seem to be on some kind of double date. Chris came back with a grin on her face. She said that there was a girl in the bathroom on her mobile phone asking her friends to rescue her from this horrible date. A few minutes later the girl came out and joined the table of 3. Oh how I felt for her. We both wanted to rescue her from the horrible date that she was on.

So back to the food, after the selection of sushi we were on our last course which was dessert. We were presented with a pretty small share plate of dark chocolate and cherry torte, an apple tea cake with apple sorbet and marinated chestnuts and a crème brulee. The dessert was ok. My favourite was the crème brulee. Oh how I wish we could have been presented with bigger portions of this.

Ocean Rooms Executive Chef is Raita Noda. He was the head chef of Rise and I had the opportunity of meeting him at the World Chefs Showcase. He is one of Australia’s top Japanese chefs. His passion for Japanese food really shows in his tasting menu.

Ocean Room is a fabulous restaurant. I’m glad I got the chance to go. I will certainly be making another trip on a special occasion. The staff are friendly and the view is to die for. It’s a perfect destination for a romantic dinner, a blind date ehehehe or a relaxed dinner with friends.

Ocean Room
Ground Level, Overseas Passenger Terminal
Circular Quay West
The Rocks Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 92529585
Fax: 02 92529586
Email: oceanroom@oceanroomsydney.com

♥peachkins♥ (January 09, 2010)  

wow! these are so elegant!

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (January 10, 2010)  

Oooh, I'd be waiting for that tuna plate too!

Hang on, table of 3? This poor girl was on a terrible date with two guys? It's bad enough being on a terrible date with one.

Helen (Grab Your Fork) (January 10, 2010)  

Oh I love Raita's soft shell crab tacos. I agree, I could totally eat a whole plateful of these. The tuna cornet is so pretty too :)

Trissa (January 10, 2010)  

I'm a big fan of ocean room's tuna fin - it is amazing - the other stuff you featured looks really delicious too! Great pics Kath!

Caroline (January 10, 2010)  

that soft shell crab looks so good. Oh, and I would definitely eat the prawn head, too! ;)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (January 10, 2010)  

Great choice Kath! I love the food and the view there. LOL at that double date gone so wrong! Poor thing! :P Imagine if you called the restaurant and gave her an out. That would have been hilarious and I'm sure she would've wondered where this angel came from!

Stephcookie (January 11, 2010)  

Haha I feel sorry for the poor girl who was on the double date! Aren't soft shell crab tacos the best? Those ones look fantastic/

Ellie (January 11, 2010)  

Such a fabulous dinner! Love all the presentations of all the dishes.

Iron Chef Shellie (January 11, 2010)  

all i can say is: yum yum yum yum yum!

Chef Aimee (January 12, 2010)  

That anchovy sorbet sounds amazing...and those crab tacos are mouthwatering! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

noobcook (January 12, 2010)  

That's a lot of good food! And they are all so nicely plated :)

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge (January 12, 2010)  

everything just looks so amazing, but I just cant go past those desserts! Oh so drool worthy!

Belle@OohLook (January 12, 2010)  

I'm still dreaming about the meal I had there a few months ago. You got it in one - the tuna with truffle salt was soooo goooood!

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