Halloumi Bites with Poached Eggs

I have a fascination with buying eggs. Every time I go to a supermarket I look at the eggs. I never ever get caged eggs, always free range. I check the sizes, I make sure that the eggs are not stuck to their cartons and I even look at the colour. I have a feeling people sometimes look at me and think “Geez this chick has a screw loose”. Come on, everyone has a fascination. Mine just happens to be eggs.

I first came across this recipe for Halloumi Bites on Nigella Lawson’s site a few years ago. It’s so easy to make and perfect with some soft poached eggs

Halloumi Bites


1/4 cup garlic oil
3 tablespoons chopped parsley
2 tablespoons lime juice
Freshly ground pepper
1 packet of halloumi cheese, drained


1. Combine the oil, parsley, lime juice, and pepper (a good grinding) in a large shallow dish.

2. Slice the drained halloumi into ¼-inch wide pieces, and then cut each slice in half again.

3. Heat a dry skillet and dry-fry the slices of cheese until golden on both sides; this should take only a minute or so in a hot pan.

4. Put the fried halloumi into the shallow dish with the rest of the ingredients and make sure each slice is coated.

Serve with softly poached eggs.

The dressing is great with the salty halloumi. I didn’t used parsley because I didn’t have any left, so instead I used some chilli flakes and black sesame seeds for garnish.

Trissa (February 11, 2010)  

That last picture is pure food porn. Nigella Lawson would be proud!

Tangled Noodle (February 11, 2010)  

How did you ever get your eggs to look like little dumplings?! Seeing this, I'm no longer content with the bowl of breakfast yogurt I just had . . .

When it comes to buying eggs, I do open the carton and inspect them, looking for those greyish thin lines that indicate they're old (or so I believe). I'll open as many as needed before being satisfied - and I've even swapped eggs from carton to carton! 8-)

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (February 11, 2010)  

Oh my. This is good. I LOVE fried haloumi and think it would pair beautifully with a nice gooey eggy or two, what a great idea :)

Chef Aimee (February 11, 2010)  

Awesome - better than Nigella! I like that you used sesame seeds instead!

chocolatesuze (February 11, 2010)  

ohmygawd that last shot is food porn indeed! and i loooove haloumi im sure it tastes out of this world with gooey eggy innards mmm

Betty (February 11, 2010)  

looks so good Kath

Skip to Malou (February 11, 2010)  

oh yeah the last picture is food porn... it's sooo gooey... i love poached egg but have not tried haloumi yet...

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (February 12, 2010)  

I love halloumi but never thought to pair it with poached eggs. Do you have issues poaching them?

Betty (February 12, 2010)  

I had some panfried haloumi with sundried tomatos and sunny side up fried eggs on toast for lunch mm just had to thank u cos if I hadn't read your post I prob wouldn't of remembered I had haloumi hehe

Mark @ Cafe Campana (February 13, 2010)  

I know what I am having for breakfast tomorrow. Cheers

panda (February 14, 2010)  

i'm curious - how do you poach your eggs? they look perfect!!

Ellie (February 14, 2010)  

Love the poached eggs with the yolks oozing out!!!

Sarah Vino (February 15, 2010)  

Hey cupcake girl I liked the food pics on your site mm YUM! By the way Ivy pool is fun - just forget about everyone else there (who think they're awesome for being there), enjoy your cool friends and have fun! Next time I'll do bellyflops into the pool! OMG the above recipe looks great!!!

muffinsareuglycupcakes (February 18, 2010)  

hehe i love poached eggs!
esp when i can do them myself now :)
looks great.
love how all the recipes you post up are so easy to make!

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