Da Niang Dumplings

Xiao long bao, this was the word of the day at work on Friday. Nas, Michelle, Chris and I were craving them. Nas and I kept talking about how many we were going to eat. We were even talking about the bits of ginger with the vinegar and how not to burn ourselves with the hot soup from the dumplings.

The craving took over and we all decided to go for some dumplings in China Town. Being on a budget we opted for a cheaper place for dinner. A few doors down from Mamak is Da Niang Dumplings.

Chris has always been the chief of ordering food. We have the same taste so I normally just give her the menu and let her order. The first thing she requested was the xiao long bao or soup dumplings. We were so excited, up until the waitress tells us that they were sold out. I looked at Nas and we both had a disappointed look on our faces. It was raining outside so we stayed and decided that the craving for xiao long bao will have to wait for another day.

We started with some sides and ordered the pork tongue and spicy pork ears which were both $4.00. The pork tongue was cold and I felt as if I was eating a rubber band. I actually didn't like it at all. This could be because I am used to eating tongue warm. The spicy pork ears were delicious. I felt for Michelle as she sat there waiting for some Vegetarian buns while we ate. The ears were spicy and well flavoured.

The beans stir fry with shredded pork $12.80 is a family favourite. Every time we go out we order this dish. I found this to be extremely salty. The beans were fresh and the meat was delicious, but it just had a little to much seasoning. I think a nice big bowl of rice would have fixed that.

I have never actually had a vegetarian bun $4.80. These were delicious. Full of mushrooms, cabbage and glass noodles. Michelle was pleased with this. It certainly beats watching people eat pigs ears.

Since the xiao long bao was sold out, we ordered the boiled dumplings with pork and chive filling $7.50 and some pork dumplings in a spicy and sour soup $8.50. They were both very good dishes. The dumplings were full of pork mince and chives. The sour soup was warm and delicious.

At the end of the meal we were all pretty full. The dumplings were not the best that I have ever had but the prices were reasonable.
Shop 42-42A, Dixon St
Haymarket NSW 2000
Phone: 029211 0378

Tangled Noodle (March 10, 2010)  

[Gasp!] The first two dishes nearly bowled me over - even though the pork tongue was subpar, I'm hard put to find either on many menus here. I am seriously craving dumplings now and it's only 7:45am. 8-(

Trissa (March 10, 2010)  

Too bad you didnt get the xia long bao but otherwise - the other dishes do look good (ah except the tongue!)

Conor @ HoldtheBeef (March 10, 2010)  

Oh that is terrible that they had sold out after you were so excited! I can just imagine all your faces dropping simultaneously :(

I like pig, but have never eaten piggy tongue or ears. Willing to give it a try, but definitely warm please!

krissy @ the food addicts (March 10, 2010)  

looks like you had a very fulfilling dinner. it's so great when you crave something and you're able to fulfill your craving! i think the prices at this restaurant in your chinatown is much pricier than what we can get here in Los Angeles. interesting!

Barbara Bakes (March 10, 2010)  

Looks like a feast! I'm new to dumplings, but they're so easy to love!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (March 10, 2010)  

Oh no! They ran out? I'd be so upset. Nothing worse than craving something and not getting it. Ok yes there's a lot worse I know but you know what I mean :P

Mark @ Cafe Campana (March 10, 2010)  

I dont even know what xia long bao are and I feel sad for you. I used to always pick the thing on the menu that was sold out. Its really depressing becuase you know it must be good if its sold out. I have had better luck lately.

Helen (grabyourfork) (March 11, 2010)  

But tasty rubber bands, no? I love the crunchy cartilage of pigs ears and admit I often overlook vegetarian buns in favour of pork. Has been years since I visited and shame about the xiao long bao!

chocolatesuze (March 11, 2010)  

oh the sadness at no xiao long bao! but the dumplings in the soup looks great!

Ellie (March 11, 2010)  

I <3 dumplings! Haven't heard of this place. Looks good.

Trisha (March 12, 2010)  

Sold out xiao long bao? Oh no!!! But I loooove pigs ears... cant stomach pigs tongue though :(

Amy (March 13, 2010)  

Xiao Long Bao... Sold Out?! *shakes fist* I hate when that happens. Unbelievable.

muffinsareuglycupcakes (March 13, 2010)  

omg and i thought i ate everything of pork!
love the innards. lol but havent tried ears/tongue omg!
all these look delicious.
I LOVE XLB! sold out? must be damn good!

MaryMoh (March 14, 2010)  

My mom would love the tongue and ears. I can have all the rest...mmmm

veron (March 14, 2010)  

I'm sorry they sold out on xiao long bao and that the pork tongue was rubbery. I prefer pork tongue warm itself. Everything looks delicious though!

vickys (March 14, 2010)  

My mom used to eat pork ears...and I'd watch, amused, as she crunched through them. I think I'm definitely not adventurous though! I'd have 2 plates of those pork and chive dumplings please!

yen@Foodforfour (March 14, 2010)  

The sour soup dumpling soup looks really good. I usually add some sort of chilli sauce to it.

Adrian @ Food Rehab (March 14, 2010)  

Too bad about the rubber band like starter, but at least the boiled dumplings were hit. mmm...dunplings...

Chef Aimee (March 15, 2010)  

The sour soup dumplings look delicious - I have never had pork ears but this makes me want to try.

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