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On a recent trip to Melbourne, I had the pleasure of dining at Fenix.  Fenix is MasterChef judge Gary Mehigan’s restaurant, which re opened it’s doors in July this year. The restaurant was everything I imagined it to be, comfortable, homely and relaxed.

We decided to start of by ordering some delicious cocktails. I ordered the Silk Harmony, which was a Lychee cocktail, combined with Cuban rum and lime juice.  This was served in an extra tall glass with plump lychees on top. So incredibly refreshing.

Cathrine ordered the Parched as Bro. As soon as I saw this on the menu I asked her to order it. What a classic name for a deliciously fruity cocktail. The name still makes me laugh.

For the entrée, I ordered the seared Tasmanian Scallops with Pickled Cauliflower, Tahini Yoghurt and Israeli Cous Cous $9.50. This was beautifully presented and the scallops were cooked perfectly. The Israeli cous cous added a bit of texture to this dish.

Cathrine had the Piperade Basquaise $9.50. This was a large serving for an entrée accompanied by some delicious sour dough bread. It was sweet and full of flavour.

Braised Pork Belly, Crisp Crackling, Pickled Cabbage, Ragout of Pork Cheeks, Potato and Baby Carrot $38.00, was my choice for the main. Succulent pork belly with a perfectly crispy crackling, not to mention the pork cheek, which was so soft with the creamy sauce.

36 Hour Braised Lamb Shoulder, Sweet & Sour Shallots & Parsnip Puree $39.00. I was tossing up between the pork belly and the lamb for the main. I was so glad Cathrine was kind enough to let me taste this.  The lamb shoulder was so soft and silky and the parsnip puree was smooth.

Roasted Artichoke & Kipflers Garlic and Rosemary $9.00. This was actually the first time I have tasted Jerusalem Artichokes. The artichokes along with the kipfler potatoes were roasted to perfection with a touch of sea salt and rosemary.

When I dine out, I always make sure to leave room for dessert. We ordered the Chocolate Soup with Hazelnut Praline & Mascarpone Sorbet $17.00 and the “This is It” Lemon Tart $15.00. When the chocolate soup came out, the smell was so intense. It was rich and velvety with the crunch of hazelnut praline and light mascarpone ice cream.

The lemon tart was light, with a delicious pastry and tart filling. It looked like a small slice but it was very filling. This is certainly a dessert that I will try to replicate at our next big family gathering.

Fenix has a relaxed feel with a comforting menu. The staff are friendly and the view is fantastic. I will definitely be coming back on my next trip to Melbourne.

680-682 Victoria Street
Richmond Victoria 3121

For Bookings call 03 9427 8500

The Recipe Binder (August 20, 2010)  

Thanks so much for this review! My partner and I are heading to Melbourne in a couple of weeks and were wondering if we should eat at Fenix - you've just made me realise that I NEED to eat here. :-)

mademoiselle délicieuse (August 20, 2010)  

What was the texture of the chocolate soup? Because it looks incredibly thick!

♥peachkins♥ (August 21, 2010)  

everything looks delicious!

Trissa (August 21, 2010)  

Thats one place I'm going to go to this october for sure! I love the sound of the 36 hour braised lamb shoulder

skip to malou (August 22, 2010)  

sounds like a perfect dinner ensemble from the cocktails to dessert! Would love to have a sip of that Silk Harmony... I thirst for it right now haha!

MaryMoh (August 23, 2010)  

Mmm...everything looks very delicious!

Conor @ Hold the Beef (August 24, 2010)  

Parched as bro, hehe.

All looks great! I can imagine your difficulty at choosing between the pork and lamb. I think the lamb may be calling a little louder to me, with that rich caramel colour.

Would love to try that chocolate soup, though it looks like it would be hard to grab the spoon without getting chocolatey fingers!

Caroline (August 24, 2010)  

cocktails, pork belly & chocolate soup, what a delicious evening!

OohLookBel (August 25, 2010)  

Fenix looks pretty cool. It's also on my list to visit when next in Melbourne (it's a long list).

Forager @ The Gourmet Forager (August 27, 2010)  

Starting with cocktails and ending with chocolate soup? Sounds like a perfect girlie night out!

mr. pineapple man (August 28, 2010)  

drink looks sooooo good!

Von (August 29, 2010)  

I've never been to Melbourne before =( You make this place sound so good that I want to go there and try it now! The Silk Harmony looks so cool....especially with the lychees (sorta) floating on top =D And the lamb....it looks so yummy!

marvs (September 01, 2010)  

Hi Kat! I added a link to your site. But I used part of a screenshot for the link. I hope that's ok with you. YOu can find it here:

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! (September 02, 2010)  

Sounds like such a great place to dine! I do like Gary over George on MC. That chocolate soup looks so thick, my eyes are tricking because I keep thinking I'm seeing a pudding of some sort. Mmm lychees and alcohol are always a good mix =)

Juliana (September 03, 2010)  

Wow, everything looks fabulous, specially the lychee cocktail...

Sara @ Belly Rumbles (September 03, 2010)  

Your main looks very appealing, pork pork and more pork

Ellie (Almost Bourdain) (September 06, 2010)  

I love the chocolate soup....... Gary sure know what is comfort food :)

ziggy (September 07, 2010)  

you were here! did you drop by Maha? I think that restaurant is under this chain of restaurants. the food looks fabulous. i will definitely drop a visit. thanks for the review. :)

Ladybird (September 08, 2010)  

Look really nice, especially the drinks! Love the names.. haha!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (September 09, 2010)  

The food looks great there. I wonder why we don't hear much about it. I'm glad you posted this! :)

Indie.Tea (September 21, 2010)  

It looks so delicious...especially the lemon tart! Too bad I live so far away...

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