Rice Cube

Kitchen gadgets are great. They make cooking and baking more fun. I first saw the Rice Cube at a tradeshow in Melbourne. Ross who is the brains behind the Rice Cube, invented it to help him present his signature dishes.

I watched Ross demonstrate and I instantly wanted my own. At first glance it looks like 2 pieces from my nephews Lego collection, but once you see how it works, it’s incredible.

I decided to make some California Maki and instead of rolling it with the nori, I used the Rice Cube and made 4 different versions. I found it so easy to use. Its a great little gadget and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their presentation skills.

For more information about the Rice Cube, you can go to http://ricecube.net It retails for $34.95. It's the perfect gift for any foodie.

Below is a video of how to use this cool little gadget.

Conor @ Hold the Beef (September 28, 2010)  

It's quite mesmerising to watch. I wonder what else you could cubify with it.

billy@atablefortwo (September 28, 2010)  

hey that's pretty nifty! I wondering I can make one using LEGO? hmmm.... heheheh

chocolatesuze (September 29, 2010)  

ooh oddly now i want to cubeify a hard boiled egg..

Joy (September 29, 2010)  

That is a cool gadget.

Trisha (September 29, 2010)  

OMG I want one of these!!!!!!!!!!! And yes you're right - it's the perfect foodie gift (Christmas is just around the corner... relatives, hinthint!)

cusinera (September 29, 2010)  

kath, the video looks so cool..like transformers, hehehehe! I myself just bought those large and small sushi makers, where you mould the filling and rice before rolling it in the seaweed sheet, still have to try it out=)I love all this kind of contraptions...

mademoiselle délicieuse (September 29, 2010)  

The possibilities of having lots of cubed canapes are almost endless! Cute as.

Brenda (September 29, 2010)  

Wow, I want one!
Food that looks pretty tastes even better hehehe

Trissa (September 29, 2010)  

Very cute Kath - where is mine?! They are so adorable - I can imagine so many uses for them.

Helen (Grab Your Fork) (September 30, 2010)  

oh so cute! this would make anything look neat and tasty :)

Joudie's Mood Food (October 02, 2010)  

This is a genius little creation. I love it. Love your photos and presentation. I will be making an enquiry and order today... Lovely!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (October 04, 2010)  

Sounds like an easy, quick way to do nice cocktail canapes!

Von (October 05, 2010)  

Ooh! That looks so cool!! I love kitchen gadgets too- but it's so hard to find a space in the kitchen to keep them all!

JanJan @ Cooking For My Love (October 06, 2010)  

This is really cute! I saw a similar one at a Kitchen Shop at Brisbane~

mr. pineapple man (October 13, 2010)  

looks delicious! great idea~

Olive (October 17, 2010)  

that's so cute..I'll add it to my wishlist for Christmas! Thanks for sharing, Kat :)

Julie (October 19, 2010)  

Whoa that thing looks hectic lol. Not sure if i will use it much!

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