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I first read about Kei’s Kitchen on Grab Your Fork. Kei along with her daughter Masako were also featured on Food Safari.

Last weekend, I finally got the chance to do a cooking class at Kei’s Kitchen. My cousin Queenie and I managed to secure a spot in her Party Menu Class, which was her second last class for 2010.

Our Party Menu included a Snapper Cooked in a Salt Oven, Wagyu Tataki, Herbed Cured Ocean Trout and Barazushi.

The Snapper Cooked in a Salt Oven was delicious. We put hard boiled eggs in the stomach to keep its shape while it cooks in the salt crust. This dish is very quick to prepare and would be a great addition to a Christmas menu for a big family.

The Wagyu Tataki was so simple to make. This was served on top of some Shiso leaves (Japanese Basil). Kei also told us that this is an antibiotic that is very good for you. This is always served with Sushi in Japan.

The Herbed Cured Ocean Trout was served with light dressing and some spring roll wrapper that have been sliced into ribbons and deep fried. The crunchy spring roll wrappers added some texture to this dish.

The Barazushi was delicious. It was basically a big bowl of sushi rice topped with egg threads, eel, prawns, snapper and garnished with beautiful shiso buds and kinome sprigs which smell beautiful.

We also prepared a medley of small dishes, which include Deep Fried Marinated Octopus, Seafood in Kimizu and Spinach Dressed in Sesame.

The next 4 hours were filled with making marinades, chopping, and preparing parts of dishes for their presentation. At the end of the class we all gathered around the table and enjoyed a meal together.

Kei and Masako taught us all about presentation and how important it is for the Japanese to prepare food that is only available at certain times of the year. I learnt a lot from Kei's class and I am already planning to book a class in 2011. If you would like more information about Kei's Kitchen you can visit their website

The Party Menu Class was $150.00 which is well worth it. This is a perfect Christmas gift for a foodie or someone who loves Japanese food.

OohLookBel (November 17, 2010)  

It all looks fantastic, especially the presentation (those cute little baskets!). You're making it really tempting to book in for a class.

Sara @ Belly Rumbles (November 17, 2010)  

What a wonderful class. I had seen them on Food Safari and was impressed. Everything that you guys cooked up looks wonderful. Love the presentation.

Helen (Grab Your Fork) (November 17, 2010)  

Gorgeous pics. Kei's classes are always fun. Love the plating of the tataki and the salmon - and that salt oven snapper looks amazing!

Trissa (November 17, 2010)  

Kath this is fantastic! I am going with you next year okay?!

♥peachkins♥ (November 18, 2010)  

I love the presentation of the food!

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! (November 18, 2010)  

Looks like an awesome class to attend - and all the gorgeous looking food that is plated up and to be eaten at the end. Makes me feel a bit sad to have to walk up to the local food court to get my lunch soon =(

FFichiban (November 18, 2010)  

Keis was heaps of fun and learnt heaps! Everything looks soo tasty mmm

Ellie (Almost Bourdain) (November 18, 2010)  

All the dishes are so beautifully plated!!! Thanks for sharing your great time there.

Conor @ Hold the Beef (November 18, 2010)  

Everything is just so damn PRETTY! Makes me feel like an ugly stepsister ;)

Susan: My Food Obsession (November 19, 2010)  

What a great day! and all the food looks fantastic!

Forager @ The Gourmet Forager (November 19, 2010)  

What gorgeous presentation - even at home! It looks as good if not better than the sushi restaurants I pay good money to eat at! Delicious & craving this now!

Caroline (November 22, 2010)  

What an awesome class, I love the colors and they are all beautifully presented. Sounds and tastes like a lot of fun!

betty (November 23, 2010)  

everything looks great Kath :O)

Amy @ cookbookmaniac (November 23, 2010)  

ooh. this is a class i would love to do! everything looks mouthwatering. especially the beef tataki!

cusinera (November 25, 2010)  

I'm so all the food that are all laid out...wish there are classes like this here in Brisbane=)

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