The New Look A Cupcake Or Two and a Giveaway

Thanks to Lindsay Nicole Design Studio, A Cupcake Or Two has had a makeover. I have been planning to do this for so long and a few weeks of holiday time has given me the opportunity to sit down and think about what I really wanted to do with my blog. So I hope you all like it.

To celebrate the new look, my first year of blogging and my passed 100th post I am doing a giveaway.

Thanks to Ross from Rice Cube, 8 A Cupcake Or Two readers have the opportunity to win their very own Rice Cube. 

The Rice Cube is a great little gadget that helps foodies with their presentation skills. It will certainly impress a big crowd. Its easy to use and a great present for this Christmas.

To be in the running for 1 of 8 Rice Cubes, all you need to do is leave a comment to tell me what you would make with your very own Rice Cube. Please include your email address with your entry. 

You can enter once a day, however only 1 prize per person will be awarded. The winners will be chosen based on the best/original answer.


1 of 8 Rice Cubes valued at $39.95 each inc GST

The competition is opened to all A Cupcake Or Two readers. This competition starts on the 3rd of November 12:00pm (AEST) and ends midnight on the 27th of November 2010 (AEST).

Good Luck Everyone....


Sara @ Belly Rumbles (November 03, 2010)  

Kath, I love the new look, it is so pretty. Congratulations of one year of blogging as well as getting past that 100th post.

mademoiselle délicieuse (November 03, 2010)  

Love the new look! And the cupcakes, of course =D

Awesome giveaway - the rice cube looks like Lego pieces. Too cool.

Joe-Lene (November 03, 2010)  

I'll use the rice cube to make a rice cube with corn and tuna mayonnaise filling. The filling I usually have for my sandwich, but I'd love to make it in the cute way with rice instead!

Thank you! :)

cusinera (November 03, 2010)  

Yipeeee...first of all what I like about this gadget is that is so damn cute to look at...if I ever get one, I'll use it for savoury or sweet creations...I'll make bite size biko with goeey coconut caramel glaze (just thinking about it makes me drool!)or another one..shape leftover suman to cubes and pan fry it in butter and drizzle with the coconut caramel glaze...


Congrats, Kath for reaching past your 100th post and more posts to come...

Christine Norris (November 03, 2010)  

If I won, I would try to duplicate the magic dim sum served at Yum Cha in Monterey Park. In a neat little square, I could wrap it in leaves and steam the little bundles. It could never match the same flavor, but it maybe it could be fun to try.

Swee San (November 03, 2010)  

Nice layout change..
I'd make a square egg, by boiling it, remove shells and shape it in the ricecube. or a square mochi with mango filling. yums.

Karen @ Citrus and Candy (November 03, 2010)  

Congrats Kath and happy blogiversary! I love the new layout! :D

Sparkles (November 03, 2010)  

Everything! i love cubes, Obviously rice dishes, pork and rice (with a jus poured over the square) but also ice-cream, rice bubble treats, lamingtons, polenta, mashed potatoes, vegetables, power bars, cookies.. pretty much anything you can press into a cube shape really.

I have never seen such awesomeness!

Tangled Noodle (November 03, 2010)  

Congratulations on your new look and important milestones!

These rice cubes are so cool - what a great alternative to the ring molds that are most often used. It's hip to be square! 8-) I'd love to try a Peruvian causa (a layered potato dish) with this, or a simple sticky rice dessert.

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! (November 03, 2010)  

Congrats on the new layout and your blog anniversary =) That a cool tool you're giving away there. I wonder how it would be to use with asian desserts, like sticky rice and stuff, would be keen to try! =)

OohLookBel (November 03, 2010)  

Hey Kath, The new layout is gorgeous; I love the post title font especially.
And the rice cube is a cool gadget - I'd use it to mould coleslaw to make it prettier on the plate (rather than just a splat!). Or how about layers of colourful vegetables - they would be so much easier to eat when they're attractively arranged ;)

Chris (November 03, 2010)  

wow, love the new look! I would use it to make the most awesome onigiri - either with tuna mayo insides or quail eggs =D and party hats!

Trissa (November 03, 2010)  

I love the new look Kath! I'd cove to enter the competition but since you gave me one already I'll give the competition a miss but really encourage everyone to join as the rice cube is so handy.

Clare (November 03, 2010)  

i saw these is the shop last week- but my purse let out a wail when i tried to open it so i gave in and did not buy it. I think it is such as nifty little idea. My first use for this would be to make my mum's fav dessert- black sticky rice with coconut milk with a sweet suprise- a cube of salty/sweet caramel in the centre. I really like your new layout the colour scheme is perfect for your content!
Thanks for offering this great comp and cheers to many more posts to come

Conor @ Hold the Beef (November 03, 2010)  

Awesome new look Kath! Well done :)

I have 80s on the brain at the moment. I would like to make cubic cakepops, then turn them into little mini Rubik's Cubes using either tiny pieces of coloured fondant or maybe those edible pens.

penny aka jeroxie (November 03, 2010)  

That is awesome. I will like to make a oriental type of sushi. NOt fish but glutinous rice with scrambled eggs, fried chicken pieces and some type of sauce. No seaweed!

Precious –  (November 03, 2010)  

Hi Kath - love the makeover and congrats on reaching a milestone. Looking forward to trying your cake pops on the weekend :)

Anabel Nieuwen –  (November 04, 2010)  

I'd use it to shape all kinds of mash-able foods like rice, potato, fruit etc to make building blocks and then build an edible fortress, lock myself inside, then eat my way out. MUHAHAHA!!!

Anabel Nieuwen –  (November 04, 2010)  

OH!!! My email address is:

Tina@foodboozeshoes (November 04, 2010)  

Cool - I saw this at the Better Homes & Gardens Show :)

I think I'd make square arancini by putting risotto leftovers in, and then crumbing and panfrying - easier than rounds ones!

Ellie (Almost Bourdain) (November 04, 2010)  

Love the new look of your blog. Happy 1st birthday and 100th post! Looking forward to many more yummy posts.

Anh (November 05, 2010)  

happy blog birthday :)

Iron Chef Shellie (November 05, 2010)  

That is brilliant! I'd make mini paella cubes for on the go!

Joudie's Mood Food (November 06, 2010)  

Love the new look. Really nice and well done on your first year blogging. I just had mine a few weeks ago! very Exciting!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella (November 06, 2010)  

Very pretty new look Kath and happy 1st birthday! :D

Anonymous –  (November 07, 2010)  

Wow this gadget looks really interesting, lets see, I would probably make entree's. Happy 1st Brithday.

alvind95 (November 07, 2010)  

Hi Kath, loving your new website look! :) If I win this, I'd use it to shape fried rice or I might try on fried noodles as well! hopefully that'll work :)

Joe-Lene (November 07, 2010)  

I will make the rice cube with some chopped tiny cucumber cubes in the middle, top with egg mayo and seasoning with salt and pepper. simple says it all! :)

Trisha (November 08, 2010)  

I am loving the new layout Kath! I feel like changing mine too now hahaha it's soooo booooring I need something colourful like yours!

Gianna (November 08, 2010)  

The colours of your blog make me so happy! i love it :) id love to use the rice cube for my baon haha! handy for lunchtime treats, i can just put together and compact last night's leftovers :)

Cyndie (November 08, 2010)  

I absolutely LOVE this giveaway! I'm a big fan. I'm from France and it's the first time I 'see' a rice cube! It looks so original and modern.

I'd definately try it for PAELLA cube (my dad is Spanish). I'd serve them with sangria along with other antipasto delicacies.

Joe-Lene (November 09, 2010)  

I will first fry up a dish of tomyum fried rice and make an omelette, which I used to have the fried rice wrapped with the omelette, and draw a smiley face on top with some sweet chili sauce.

Ihis time, i will replace it with the rice cube. Making square cube size omelette fried rice, top with some sweet chili sauce in circle and some scallions. I wish it makes the normal omelette fried rice to look more 'elegant' :)

Forager @ The Gourmet Forager (November 09, 2010)  

Love the new look candy stripe blog and congrats on all the milestones!

How about a simple sushi rice and dried seasoned shiso & shaved pickled radish?

pismayka (November 11, 2010)  

I WILL CHUCK MY RICE BOWLS INTO THE CABINET AND USE THIS INSTEAD! :) Nothing like a fun mealtime after a long day :D Oh and it'll be perfect for making sweet rice cubes!Filling the cube with glutinous rice coated in thick sweetened milk with finely chopped almond pieces. Great food are simple. :)

ps : i love the stripes! love the new look! :)

shasha –  (November 11, 2010)  

this would be a perfect look for kimchi rice top with adobo! plated with julienned carrots some nori stirps.. yummy!

Brenda (November 13, 2010)  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brenda (November 13, 2010)  

Awww happy 1 year of blogging!!
I would love to make a cube rice pudding garnished with bananas and strawberries. Simple but delicious

Amy (November 14, 2010)  

lets glam rice up xD i love my egg white and dried scallop fried rice topped with salmon flakes and salmon roe, so squish up some of the fried rice in the cube the top it with some salmon flakes and salmon roe... nom nom...
salad with vinegarette on the side!

Emma @CakeMistress (November 14, 2010)  

Great new look! Congraulations on +100 posts too!
I guess I'd try to make arancini cubes with them then dot aeoli around the sides so they look like dice, he he.

Brenda (November 15, 2010)  

I'd love to stuff bulgogi (Korean style marinated beef) inside the rice and place a little bit of shredded lettuce on top....perfect size as I always shove way too much in my mouth normally hahaha!

Nerida (November 16, 2010)  

I'd make a layered dish of quinoa, seasonal vegetables and beef (a substitute for the alpaca), much like the one I ate in Cusco, Peru a few years ago.

Gem –  (November 16, 2010)  

I would use the Rice Cube to make Polenta squares. This cool gadget would make this easy to do.

Gem –  (November 17, 2010)  

I thought about this more last night, I knew I could do something more fun with this funky gadget. I've decided my first creation will be to attempt a sweet arancini. Rice is so versatile, I think this could work. Instead of a cheese filling I would use some chocolate, or a slice of mars bar, lightly fry until it gets some colour and the inside goes gooey and then serve with some vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce. Will it work?? I don't know, but I'll be sure to let you know.

Brenda (November 18, 2010)  

How about Chinese roast duck with rice and drizzled with plum sauce : )

Caroline (November 22, 2010)  

Congrats on your 1st blog birthday & 100th posts. I love the makeover, wish I can have a makeover every year LOL
That rice cube looks cool, I think the first thing I would do is a silog, garlic fried rice all around with egg & longganisa (or tocino) inside. I know my kids would definitely have a blast.

LimeCake (November 22, 2010)  

wow cubed sushi is too cool! you have a lovely blog!

Kim =) (November 23, 2010)  

I would make an ice cream cube with the bottom layer ice cream, put a layer of jello or crumbed crackers (like they do in cheesecake base) or chocolate sauce or coulis then put another layer of ice cream or something on top. (

Anonymous –  (November 27, 2010)  

I would make a layer of grated zucchini,roasted red capsicum,zucchini,sliced black olives,,roasted eggplant,grated zucchini,and topped with garlic aioli and a sprig of thyme for garnish.

cusinera (December 05, 2010)  

Thanks Kath, fantastic gadget! AND I'LL SHALL NAME MINE.....CUBEO=)

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