MasterChef Live - A Snapshot

Thanks to Ashley and Helen from Stellar Concepts, I along with Gianna from The Empty Fridge and my Aunt had the opportunity to go as a VIP to MasterChef Live. Being a huge MasterChef fan and also working on Junior MasterChef, I was extremely excited. So below is the snapshot of my favourite parts of MasterChef Live.

Before the first show the judges along with some of the past contestants to officially open the event. So many shutter bugs, this was the only photo I was able to get. Wow now I know how hard it would be to be paparazzi.

We were seated in the front row along with some fabulous food bloggers, Not Quite Nigella, The Empty Fridge, Citrus and Candy and Simons Food Favourites. The stage was a replica of the MasterChef Kitchen. The crowd went wild as the judges started the show.

MasterChef 2 winner Adam and finalist Marion were also at the show to help out. Adam mentioned that his book will be out in 2011 and he is also planning to open up a restaurant in Surry Hills next year. Marion is now living in Palm Beach and has a few projects coming up in 2011.

Gary and George continued the show by doing a pressure test with a few audience members. (Hmmm speaking of audience members, we were a little shocked to find out that, one of the ones picked was actually Staff at the event.) Read all about it here. They all had to cook a quail dish that would later be judged. The show was funny, and really got the crowd going. 

After the show we headed back to the Food Hall, which was a very similar set up to the Good Food and Wine Show. One of the stands that stood out was Wild Sugar. Skye Craig from the second series of MasterChef has started a Dessert business with a difference. Her aim is to produce desserts that are made from natural ingredients such as Agave Nectar and Honey. Guilt free but delicious. 

Gianna and I tasted the Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream, Chocolate and Avocado Mousse with a Raspberry Cream, Chocolate Ice Cream with Hazelnuts and the Lime Mousse with Fresh Finger Lime. They were all deliciously rich and tasty. You would never think that these desserts would actually be good for you. I wish Skye all the best with her Dessert business. I know I will certainly be looking out for them. They are just divine.

Apart from the Food Hall, there was the out outdoor area. This is where we decided to buy some food to re-fuel. It was extremely hot and muggy. My Aunt and I bought some pork dumplings from Din Tai Fung, a Chilli Dog and Wagyu Burger from Charlie and Co.

The Outdoor Area was also where Grill The Chef was. I made it just in time for Kylie Kwong's session. Kylie was sharing some tips and tricks regarding Chinese cooking. She was also answering questions from foodies around the table.

The SAXA Salt Professionals Theatre inside the Food Hall had an array of Chefs such as Neil Perry, Christine Mansfield, Peter Doyle and Frank Camora showcasing various dishes from their restaurants. We caught Frank Camora's session. He showed us how to make 3 Tapas Dishes which are easy enough to replicate at home.

MasterChef Live was a great event that really gave the fans the chance to meet the judges and the contestants from the show. I hope to see it back, bigger and better in 2011. For more great post about MasterChef Live go to Simon, Sara or Gianna's blog.

billy @ a table for two (December 12, 2010)  

Looks like a fun filled day! Sad that I missed out. I like how they even decorated the stage like the Masterchef Kitchen with those wooden doors.

Simon Food Favourites (December 13, 2010)  

that's a great wrap up! i wish i had a chance to try Skye's desserts but ran out of time. so many stalls to visit so little time. i've added your blog post to my review :-)

Helen (Grab Your Fork) (December 13, 2010)  

So many great photos and ah, I'd love to make Frank's smoked tomato sorbet at home! Looks like you all had a fantastic day out.

chocolatesuze (December 13, 2010)  

love that first photo kath! looks like a fab day and lol @ the 'staff' audience member

Gianna@TheEmptyFridge (December 14, 2010)  

such a fun day kath! love that photo of you and miguel hehe!
ugh that random 'staff' audience participant still makes me crazy!

thanks again and lets do it all again soon!

Skip to Malou (December 14, 2010)  

wow kath, looks like a fun experience for you. I would be so thrilled just as much as you did! you got to watch the show, meet the judges and have some food samplings too.. fab experience indeed!

Conor @ Hold the Beef (December 14, 2010)  

Lucky you! Looks super fun :)

Ha, you think the "audience member" could have been clever enough not to wear a staff shirt after.

Trisha (December 14, 2010)  

Great round up Kath! VIP tickets, rubbing elbows with celebrity chef royalties, and a photo with Miguel Maestre!!!!! Jealous to the max I am!

Indie.Tea (December 15, 2010)  

The event sounds nice, but I'm drooling over the food, especially those Wild Sugar desserts!

eatmarvin (December 16, 2010)  

Hi Kat! Nice event! I did not even know it was on. Too bad I missed out. Maybe next year I'll make time for it. How are you by the way? :)

yileen (December 18, 2010)  

Skye's dessert looks really good! I hope it'll be out in the market and sold in gourmet stores really soon! And I can't believe you got to met Kylie Kwong!Ah, Jealousy pang, go away!

Sheena (December 23, 2010)  

I hope they have another one next year, the event looks like it was loads of fun! Skye's desserts sound amazing, and lol, picking a so called 'audience member'

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