Halloween and The House That Boo Built

Mwahahahahaha… It’s not long till Halloween. I never used to be one to make a big deal of it, until my nephew and niece were old enough to go trick or treating.. It’s so much fun celebrating with the kids. Who knew that carving a pumpkin could be so therapeutic.

“What’s New Cupcake?” is one of my favourite books. It’s by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. The book is full of fun ways to decorate cupcakes. For Halloween, I decided to make my version of “The House That Boo Built”. 

The House That Boo Built

What you need..

1 black cake stand
2 edible sugar eyes (I got mine from Kitchenware Direct)
3 large pre made chocolate cupcakes iced
3 medium pre made chocolate cupcakes iced
1 chocolate ice cream cone
7 - 8 pieces of pineapple lumps
4 dark chocolate trees made with dark chocolate and orange sprinkles (instructions for trees in Step 1)
candy pumpkins, fake spiders and skulls (optional)


Step 1 - Making the Chocolate Trees

Melt 1/2 cup of dark chocolate in a microwave safe bowl for approximately 2 minutes. Put the melted chocolate in a small squeeze bottle. Put some wax paper down on a flat surface and start drawing some trees. There is a pattern in the book that you can use as a guide. Make sure the trees are thick so they do not break when you put them into the cupcakes. Add the orange sprinkles to the trees before they set. Repeat the process until you have made 4 trees. Cool in the fridge for at least an hour before using.

Step 2 - Assembling the Haunted House

- Put 1 large cupcake in the middle of the cake stand, put another large cupcake on top. Get the ice cream cone and carefully place on the top cupcake. Add the edible sugar eyes. Put 2 pineapple lumps on the bottom cupcake. These are the headstones. I was suppose to write RIP on the headstones but my dog Gizmo ran off with the white icing pen that I bought.

- Take another large cupcake and place it in front of the cupcake tower. Add two or 3 more pineapple lumps, some skulls, bones and pumpkin candy. Repeat this with the remaining cupcakes, but place the 4 chocolate trees on the cupcakes too. Put them at the back to make it look like a forest.

This is such a simple way of making Halloween fun. You can use different size cake stands, assorted decorations. It's really up to you. This is also a fun way to get the kids involved. Feel free to be as creative as you want.

Here's to another fabulous goulishly fun Halloween.. Make sure you have plenty of lollies for the Trick or Treaters...... There is nothing worse than being tricked on Halloween.. Mwahahahahahaha..

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