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Vegetarians look away, this post will either make you or break you. KIDDING..

I was invited to a Tasting at The Royal Hotel in Randwick. Celebrity Chef Danny Russo has created a new menu, revamping Australian Pub classics and giving them his own modern twist. 

We start off with Spiced Fried Lamb Ribs with a Homemade BBQ Sauce. Danny tells us that this is slow cooked for up to 7 hours. Now I must admit, I am not a big fan of lamb at all. I didn’t really grow up eating it, so I was hesitant. The meat fell off the bone and I found myself digging in and going for seconds.

Spiced Fried Lamb Ribs with a Homemade BBQ Sauce

Danny brings out the Roast Pumpkin Arancini along with the Salt & Pepper Squid. The Arancini was the perfect size, and so sweet with the roasted pumpkin innards. The Salt & Pepper Squid was crunchy and the coriander complimented this dish perfectly.

Roast Pumpkin, Parmesan and Basil Arancini with Aioli

Salt & Pepper Calamari with Chilli

It was time for the MEAT. The Royal has a selection of burgers on the menu, they also do specials which Danny changes depending on produce and popularity.

The first burger we tasted was the Pork Belly Burger. The meat was soft and the flavours were amazing. As an extra treat, the burger is served with pork crackling which you can dip in the apple sauce.

Pork Belly Burger with American Slaw, Chips and Crackling served on the side

Burger number 2 was The Royal Wagyu Beef Burger. Danny explains that he minces the beef with fat, which enhances the flavour. The meat was juicy and soaked into the sweet brioche bun.

The Royal Wagyu Cheese Burger with Tomato, Lettuce, Beetroot and Chips

The Thai Chicken Burger was next. This was a generous chicken mince patty served with Asian greens and a sauce similar to Nuoc Cham (Vietnamese Dipping Sauce).

Thai Chicken Burger with Asian Greens served with a Vietnamese dipping sauce and Chips

Burger number 4 was The Lamb Burger. Eeeeeek Lamb. By this stage Danny knew that I wasn’t a big lamb fan. But he also knew that this burger would convert me. This was my favourite. The patty was incredible. The goat’s cheese made this the ultimate Mediterranean burger.

Lamb Burger with Goats Cheese, Rocket, Caramelised Onions served with Chips and a Beetroot and Balsamic Chutney

The last burger of the night was the Vegetarian option. I love meat but I do have my days where I would rather eat a nice healthy vegetarian meal. This burger did not disappoint. 

 Grilled Pumpkin and Haloumi Burger with Lettuce, Tomato and Tzatziki

The Royal Randwick's menu certainly caters to everyones palette. The renovations made this heritage hotel very modern without losing its old school feel.

Chef Danny Russo

If you are around the Randwick area, or you just have a craving for fantastic food at a reasonable price, make sure you check our The Royal Randwick.

The Royal Randwick
2 Perouse Road Randwick 2031
02 93993006

A Cupcake or Two attended the Burger Tasting as a guest of Wasamedia, Chef Danny Russo and The Royal Randwick.

Ramen Raff (December 07, 2013)  

Errmahgerd! Everything bout The Royal Randwick sounds amaze! Them lamb ribs look freakin' delish

squishies (December 07, 2013)  

Loving your compositions! And it was lovely to finally meet you :D

Helen (Grab Your Fork) (December 09, 2013)  

The lamb ribs sound amazing and are they sweet potato fries I spy with the veggie burger? Yum!

Tina @ bitemeshowme (December 09, 2013)  

I think it would be very dangerous if i was a local because I'd be here all the time. Everything looks soooo good. I was drooling and tried avoiding instagram as you were live posting. I was getting too hungry. haha

Tanya @ Australian Foodie (January 07, 2014)  

What a great burger comparison! I love any burger on a brioche bun- mmm butter...

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella (January 28, 2014)  

This is so closeby to us-thanks for the review Kath! :D

Sara | Belly Rumbles (February 16, 2014)  

It has been eons since I have been to The Royal. Food has definitely improved and is looking delicious.

Carl Joe Wright (February 25, 2014)  

I will certainly check and taste the foods served at The Royal Randwick and see if it is really one of the best place to eat. Thanks for the advise that you've shared.

Christine @ Cooking Crusade (March 03, 2014)  

amazing selection of burgers. those lamb ribs look especially good! thanks so much for dropping by my blog, Katherine! xo (March 24, 2014)  

I *need* those pumpkin arancini. #YEAH

Macky Blaise (May 02, 2014)  

The foofds served at the Royal Hotel in Randwick were awesome. It is also a nice hotel accommodataion.

Drool Worthy World (June 30, 2014)  

Yummy arancini balls! I'm craving that now! Awesome pics!

Lucas Wisdome (August 14, 2014)  

The Royal Wagyu Beef Burger seems delish. Want to have a big big bite on it..

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