My Food Bag

Have you ever roamed around the super market thinking about what you want for dinner? I often do that. I think about a meal that I want to cook and end up eating something that I didn’t feel like in the first place.

My Food Bag is a service launched in Sydney in July, it’s a meal creator and delivery service. Their main aim is to encourage us Aussies to get back in the kitchen and unleash our passion for healthy home cooked meals.

Thanks to My Food Bag and the team at Porter Novelli, I was able to test drive this service. There are 3 Food Bags to choose from. The Family Bag with quick and healthy meals, The Classic Bag, which are recipes suited to families on the go and The Gourmet Bag, which is more for the adventurous types who like to try new things in the kitchen.

I opted for The Gourmet Bag. I requested an early Sunday delivery but didn’t expect the delivery to arrive on the dot. I was greeted by a good-looking delivery driver, in my PJ’s and bed hair LOL. With a massive smile and a Good Morning, Mr Delivery Man handed me 2 big brown bags and a recipe binder.

These two bags had everything you needed for dinners for 4 days except for staples you find in your pantry like salt and pepper. It also includes a recipe from celebrity Chef Miguel Maestre and a vegetarian recipe for the middle of the week.

Five Spiced Duck, Sweet Potato Mash, Pomegranate Sauce and Bok Choy

Cambodian Fish A-Mok

Each meal took less than15 minutes to make, they were quick and the flavours were amazing. The produce was fresh and it really felt like they put a lot of heart and soul into preparing each food bag.

My Food Bag is a great concept and suits families and couples who have a busy schedule. The recipes are simple, delicious and quick. My Food Bag source their ingredients from top producers, so you know you will get amazing quality food for a reasonable price.

I highly recommend giving this service a try. All A Cupcake or Two readers are eligible for 20% off their first food bag. Simply enter the code ACUPCAKE20 when you get to the check out. For more information go to Happy Cooking...

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