Hi my name is Katherine and I am a 30 something foodie wannabe that loves to cook/bake for family and friends. I am Filipino and have been living in Australia since I was 6. I have always believed that food brings people together. I was encouraged by some very special people in my life to start this blog.

OK so enough of that…. Although it’s embarrassing I thought I would share 10 random things about myself

1. I can’t eat a sandwich with lettuce and mayo together – so Chicken Schnitzel sandwiches are not one of my favourites.

2. I love boy bands and pop music especially The Backstreet Boys. Yeah I know you are laughing but one day I will marry Howie D.

3. I get really emotional, I often cry at random Hallmark adds.

4. I laugh really loud. It often catches people off guard. I’ve been told that it’s a contagious laugh. I have been asked a million times to record it.

5. I am really friendly, when I have a connection with someone, I immediately become your best friend.

6. Even though I’m not a vegetarian, I am a big animal lover.

7. I’m lactose intolerant, but that will never ever stop me from eating ice cream or any dessert.

8. Being Filipino I am a sucker for a night out of Baaaadddd Karaoke.

9. I get really Star Struck. Whether it’s a fellow food blogger, chef or celebrity, I go weak at the knees and get really excited.

10. Lucky number 10, I cant watch people drink milk. Especially when they drink it from a glass. It makes me hurl.

So that’s 10 random things about the author of A Cupcake Or Two.

I hope you come back again sometime…

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