When installing a new cooking range, you must look at the exhaust hood you will be using. There are several options for exhaust hoods, mainly the ducted and the ductless. The model worth picking depends on your kitchen setup and the choice you prefer. All in all, ensure that you make an informed choice from an educated viewpoint.

Begin by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of going with either pick. This starts by understanding the function of a range hood. An online search on the two models will provide sufficient information on what makes them distinct.


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Range hoods

They can also be referred to as vent or exhaust hoods. In simple terms, they are the enclosed area above the range that collects the fumes, smoke, steam and other airborne particles that are generated when cooking. They ensure that the materials released from your stove are filtered off away from your food.

Different manufacturers have different designs on their range hoods. However, you can always expect a fan which can be turned on and off. The device safeguards your kitchen walls from an accumulation of particles on your ceilings, walls and roof surfaces. This results in a significant downsizing in any grime buildup that might gather in the kitchen over time.

In their unique way, range hoods ensure your kitchen remains clean, There will be fewer scrub-downs and upkeep involved. The range hoods also help in reducing odors that might spread to other parts of the home or establishment.


Range hoods with vent

There are a good number of modern day kitchens having ducted hoods. However, the kitchen design might limit how many can be installed. This is because the hoods have to move air outside. The ducted hoods have to direct the airborne particles outdoors through a pipe duct. This the main distinguishing factor from its ventless counterpart. The latter instead recirculates the air, filtering it in the process. If you opt for the ducted hoods, you must ensure that the installation of the ducts is done by an expert. All dirty air particles must filter out completely. The ducted hoods are a common sight in commercial kitchens.


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Ventless range hoods

You do not have to worry much about your kitchen design when installing the ductless hoods. This is because they do not have to connect to the home exterior. Also, they operate without a vent. The hoods run by filtering in dirty air and blowing it back into the room. All this is achieved through a unique recirculation process. The filter material is either active charcoal or carbon which removes the smoke and odor particles. All this is recirculated back into your kitchen. The ventless range hood helps during cleaning or changing your charcoal filter. At least once or twice a year, you will have to clean or change the active charcoal filter to ensure smooth operation.



When picking the best system for your kitchen, the important things to consider are your cooking style, workspace size, and preference. Also, factor in the cost of installation in addition to the cost price, so you set it up immediately after purchase.…